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Hi, I'm Ben.

Benjamin Groves

  • "Make Better"

  • Carrollton, Texas
  • (psst, I know where all the good food is)

  • Automated Test Engineer by trade (in the slot-machine industry)
  • Long background in videogame Art and Design

  • Legally ordained minister
  • Church of the SubGenius
  • Amen, Reverend Ben!

  • Amateur Radio Licensee (General) - KF5WYZ

  • Various Internet Locales:


  • Joined in January 2013
    • Looking to expand horizons, meet people and work on projects
    • Small handful of projects at first, with increasing momentum
  • Participated in the Lemons Race team from December 2013 to March 2014
  • Designated Chairperson of the DMS Amateur Radio Committee in February 2014
  • Elected to DMS Board of Directors in March 2014

Ongoing Projects

  • (in-progress) Building an RC Car with camera gimbal, as a precursor to the quadrocopter build below
  • (in-progress) Slowly planning a FPV quadrocopter/drone build that will transmit video to an Oculus Rift
  • (in-progress) Collaborating on a combo arcade joystick / Raspberry Pi enclosure
  • First version of a stereoscopic viewer which increases ocular distance
  • Version 2 resides in the 3-D Fabrication room
  • 1 more version till complete
  • (long term) "dronify" a T-Rex 450 RC helicopter

Completed Efforts

  • 14 new license holders after the exam!
  • Heck of an adventure
  • General Amateur Radio class (10/21/13)
  • Sugru Instructible
  • Cobbled together two computers for the 3D fabrication committee (05/12/13)
  • Some bumps along the way, after initial setup
  • Peabody is still running fine
  • Sherman is not stable


  • Oddball Video Games:
  • Artemis
  • Dwarf Fortress
  • Motorcycles
  • 1976 BMW R90S
  • RC Helis
  • While mutlirotors are neat (and safer), I keep gravitating towards collective pitch
  • BBQ
  • Amateur Radio

Favorite Quotes

  • You are not really finished until you have finished for the third time
  • Luck is the residue of design
  • All ships rise with the tide
  • I haven't lost my mind, its backed up on disk