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I currently work as a helpdesk technician for a national optical retail chain. My interests lie heavily in exploring the intersection of design and technology, and in general fabrication. Also, Sketchup is one of my very best friends.

Current Projects

Dice Tower

A project of relatively small scope, I am working on laser cut dice tower made from 1/8" acrylic. The design allows the dice to roll in a spiral pattern instead of a typical "zig-zag", allowing for a slight (theoretical) increase in the randomness of the output. The tower sets in a tray, and folds up into itself allowing storage of the dice when not in use. The plans are drawn up, with assembly to take place in the near future.

Ergonomic Workstation / Gaming Cockpit

This project involves mounting a cheap and comfortable automotive racing seat on a 10 degree incline and building a workstation / cockpit around it. The finished design must meet several requirements:

  1. The final product must be usable as an all-day workstation on a day-to-day basis. Gaming is a secondary function.
  2. The product is to be built in stages. Stage one must be usable on day 1.
  3. Each stage must be able to enter a standard doorway and navigate a flight of stairs, to be assembled with minimal hand tools.
  4. The final product must be able to be dis-assembled with minimal hand tools, transported, and re-assembled in the event of a move
  5. The final product must allow for a non-trivial amount of customization by other prospective builders.
  6. The final product must be aesthetically pleasing.


Plans have been drafted in sketchup, to be built from 2x4 lumber and 1/2" plywood. A cut list and buy list have been created.

Previous Projects

PC Case Mod

Over the course of almost 9 months, as time and money permitted, I heavily modified an NZXT Phantom full-tower PC case. Modifications include a custom midplate, custom water-cooling solution, replacement and modification of existing exterior elements, custom paint and clear using automotive paint, and custom lighting throughout. Lighting consists of several 5/8" "lightboxes", which take advantage of a Frustrated Total Internal Reflection in a piece of clear acrylic. Each lightbox was cut on the laser cutter, ensuring a high degree of precision (an invaluable consideration, as tolerances were extremely tight).