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Steve Rainwater

I'm interested in all kinds of stuff as you can see from my interests section below. Rather than try to write a comprehensive bio here, how about if I just link to all my genre-specific bios and profiles on other sites?

Contact Info

  • email
  • Google Talk: steevithak
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Photography, vintage cameras, electronics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robots, arc welding, MIG welding, metal arts, kinetic art, music, space colonization, urban design, early utopian and communist communities, solar power, wind power, alternative energy, R. Buckminster Fuller, sustainable technology, social entrepreneurialism, science fiction, pulp magazine art, FLOSS (free [libre] / open source software), art cars, bioreactors, microfinance, and lots more stuff I can't think of at the moment.

My Projects

Active Projects

Old Projects

ToDo List

  • create page/Perl script to generate vintage camera day event iCal feed
  • create project page for La Reunion pond upgrade project
  • create an arcade game restoration project page with full text of my old robotron logs
  • create a Noise Boundary project page? (or better at DPRG website?)
  • kite events AKA has someone made a kite page yet?

Potential Makerspace contests

  • lowest cost / kw DIY open hardware renewable energy system
  • short video created entirely using free/open software and released under a CC license

Notes on Camera shutter timer / sync checker

Old stuff

Quotes about DMS in year one