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Some people know me as Christopher Carson, rather than by my nom de guerre.
Some people know me by my appearance in the 2012 documentary Lunarcy.

Look, up in the sky!

Some people know me as that nattily-dressed fellow at the fandom convention, trying to persuade people in favour of lunar settlement.

help! my dog has capsized!

Some people know me as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Space Society, & semi-professional thorn-in-the-flesh.
Some people know me as the owner of an enormous library of Japanese animation LaserDiscs, who is not shy about bringing them out for viewing parties, or even conventions.

If this falls, it will crush us all. And that's the way I like it!

Some people know me as a coin collector, with a peculiar urge to issue his own creations.

ooh, shiny!

Some people may even know me as that crazy guy with the atoms shooting all over the place.
But, mostly, people don't know me, & that's OK. I'm really a quiet sort of person, for all that I want to change the world.

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