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Table formatting to test commenting a G-Code program:

 % All programs must begin and end with a %
O1234 (O[program number]) All programs must have program number in the form of 0nnnn, where nnnn is the program number
N002 M19 Orient spindle
N003 G04 P2.0 Delay 2.0 seconds
N004 T16 M06 (Tool change to T16) (T16) Select tool 16, (M06) Tool change command
N006 G00 G90 G54 G40 X-1.0 Y-1.0 S7500 M03 (G00) Rapid move,
(G90) Absolute,
(G54) Select work coordiante system 1,
(G40) Cutter Compensation cancel,
negative 1 X and Y,
(S) spindle at 7500 RPM,
(M03) spindle forward (CW?)
N008 G43 H16 Z1.0
N010 G01 X-1.0 Y-1.0 Z-0.125 F40.0
N012 G01 Y1.0
N014 G02 Y0.0 R-0.5
N016 G01 X0.0 Y-1.0 (End of R)
N018 G01 Y1.0
N020 G01 Y-1.0
N022 G01 X1.0
N023 G00 Z1.0
N024 M09
N025 G28 G91 Z0.0 M05
N026 G28 G91 Y0.0
N027 G90
N028 M30