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I'm Andrew LeCody, President of the Dallas Makerspace. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at aceat64 at, hop on IRC (#dallasmakerspace on Freenode), or talk to me when I'm at the space.

Current Projects

  • Website redesign (mostly done)

Future Projects

  • Building control/automation system
  • Environmental monitoring network for a datacenter
  • Digital LED color organ, with presets and real-time controls
  • PXEBoot installer/tools for DMS

Completed Projects

Project Graveyard

Random Data

Unidentified Keypad

I purchased this keypad from Tanner Electronics for $5.95. It has 10 pins and appears to use a standard 5 column, 5 row setup.

Pin Value Notes
1 Row 4 The green “function” keys
2 Row 3
3 Row 2
4 Row 1
5 Row 0
6 Col 4
7 Col 3
8 Col 2
9 Col 1
10 Col 0 Col 0 is actually the blue buttons at the bottom