Board of Directors Meeting 20130519

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Reimburse Paul For Welding Screens (Paul Brown)

Problem: When welding occurs in the warehouse, there are lots of ways people can walk into the warehouse and unexpectedly catch a glimpse of the arc.

Solution: Reimburse Paul Brown for the $117.96 used to buy welding screens.

Reimburse Paul for Steel (Paul Brown)

Problem: We needed square steel tubing to build shelving for project boxes, warehouse workbenches, frames for the welding screens, and various other projects for the makerspace. Paul Brown would like to be reimbursed for the $289.10 worth of steel he purchased for DMS.

Solution: Reimburse Paul Brown for the $289.10.

Rules Change: Events (Andrew LeCody)

Simplify the Events section of the Standing Rules to read:

1. Events must be on the official calendar to be considered scheduled. Contact the PR Committee at [email protected] to have your event scheduled.
2. Scheduling of events is done on a first-come basis.
3. Scheduled events take priority over unscheduled events.
4. Scheduling conflicts should be worked out peaceably by the affected parties. Disputes will be arbitrated by members of the board, or by the Board of Directors as a whole.
5. All events must be sponsored by a current member, who must be present during the event.
6. Donations are encouraged but not required to hold events.
7. Guest access to the facility will be limited as required by the event.
8. Terms and Conditions for events can be dictated and modified by the Board of Directors.

=== Events Charging Entry Fees ===
1. For any use of the space where an entry fee is charged, a minimum 25% of the sale price for each fee goes to the Dallas Makerspace.
2. If no fee is charged to members, use of the space is free. A non-member entry fee may still be charged.
3. If an entry fee is charged, it is requested that a lower rate be available for Dallas Makerspace members. If a lower fee is charged, a minimum 15% of the sale price for each reduced rate fee goes to the Dallas Makerspace.
4. Tools/materials can be sold for the event and will not count as an entry fee as long as members are given the option to bring their own suitable tools/materials.

Funds For New Couches For 2995 Ladybird (Paul Brown)

Problem: The couches in the lobby of 2995 Ladybird are showing significant wear, and need to be replaced with something more presentable.

Solution: Allocate $600 to purchase replacement furniture for the lobby in 2995 Ladybird.

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business


20130519 Board Meeting
1922 AndrewL starts meeting
 Present: Andrew L, John G, Paul B, Peter S
Minutes pass.

Call for pulling agenda items
 Rules Change: Events (Andrew LeCody)
 Funds For New Couches For 2995 Ladybird (Paul Brown)

Passes on consent
 Reimburse Paul For Welding Screens (Paul Brown)
 Reimburse Paul for Steel (Paul Brown)

Committee reports
 3d Fabrication Committee - John G reporting
  Andrew F has made progress on the Rostock.
 Laser Committee - John G reporting
  Working on details for the CO2.
  Discussion on consumption of CO2.
 Aerospace Committee - John G reporting
  Storage Wars filming changed to Monday, 20130520.
 Classroom Committee
  Wall has been knocked down
 Financial Committee - Paul Brown
  Has not done the books for last month.
 LifeMakers Committee - John G
  Still looking for a grill; AndrewL will provide one.
 Open Source Ecology Committee - (Inactive)
 Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody
  "Doing the usual krap."
  Need a recycling dumpster.
  Discussion about generic space items.
 Public Relations Committee - Otto Wagner
  Focussing on grants
  "Dallas Underground" Paul W reporting
  South Side on Lamar was great; would be a good location for a Mini Makerfair
  Also, really should have had a booth
  similar to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival, need a hobby scale Full Spectrum Laser; also local 'cons.
 Security Committee - Andrew LeCody
  Need an RFID reader; also need to fix the latch on the new space.
 Warehouse Committee - Paul Wilson
  Need to organize the new space; the old space is being more utilised now that there is freed up area.
 New Business
 Rules Change: Events (Andrew LeCody)
  Andrew L proposes to accept the changes to the rules.
  Seconded by Paul B
 Aye: 3, unanimous
 Funds For New Couches For 2995 Ladybird (Paul Brown)
  John G will contact Mezquite for a quote for tiling and carpetting
  Paul B will get quotes for tiling and carpetting
 Paul W, note--we need to have an area plan for the rooms.
 John G, the craft room has money budgetted, but needs some more for remodelling the room.
 Alan W, Automotive committee
 Andrew L proposes the creation of the Auto Committee
 John G seconds

 Aye: 3, unanimous

 Andrew L proposes that we amend the donation section of the Rules and Policies such that vehicle donations must be approved by the Board of Directors.
 John G seconds

 Aye: 3, unanimous

 Andrew L proposes that the Board approves the donation of Kent Bowling's car (Maxima) to the Makerspace.
 John G seconds.

 Aye: 3, unanimous

 Romeo E

 Andrew L proposes that the Board authorize Romeo E to represent the Dallas Makerspace, in the contract"Authorization To Use Name/Product/Logo Release" with "Original Productions, LLC, 308 W. Verdugo Avenue, Burbank, CA, 91502, 818-295-6966" and the contract "Location Release" with "Original Productions".
 John G seconds

 Aye: 3, unanimous

 Andrew L schedules the next Board of Directors meeting for Sunday, June 30, at 1700.

Andrew L adjourns meeting.