Regular Member Meeting 20130711

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

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Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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 AndrewL starting social part of meeting, 19:36

Starting meeting at 2016

 Doug Emes proxied via John Fields
 Sarah Scott and Paul Ruelas proxied via Peter Smith

 3D Fabrication Committee - Andrew Falgout reporting
  The space's printer that's being fabbed, the design is being altered.
  Using Makerrail.
 Amateur Radio Committee - Pat Hykkonen, Mike Eber reporting
  Update on the ARRL Field day
  Wifi link; thinks we may not have enough height.  Radio tower would probably be too much weight.  Still having link issues, not sure
  what the cause is.
 Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana
  High altitude balloon launch, just have to get the schedule together for the launch.  Will also be having more drones around,
  if people wanto to temporarily store birds, they can.
  Rocket launch kits.
  Unmanned drone class going on at a local highschool; contact Romeo regarding participation
 Bio Committee - Andrew
  Have some 3d printed fermentation jars; doing different plant cutting, would like to get into fermentation as well;
  Discussion about distillation and its legality.
 Classroom Committee - John Fields
  Got the new classroom painted up, will have multiple TVs, whiteboards, speakers, MIC input
  Named the classrooms--"Monroe" classroom and "Ladybird"
  Be sure to make reservations using these names.
  Also, the "Monroe" classroom will be the primary classroom for the space.
  Storage in the classroom.
 Creative Arts Committee - Doug Emes, Andrew reporting
  Subversive knitting class is on-going; having good participation.
  Trying to make the craft room a place where you can actually work on projects, NOT STORAGE.
 Warehouse Committee - Paul Wilson reporting
  Having problems recovering the cost of member used filament with the Polyprinter.
  Still building the water table for the plasma cutter; will finish welding it tonight.
  New drill press; on loan from Greg N
  Bought the horizontal band saw, should probably buy extra blades
  Bought a vertical band saw
  The "Clean Table" policy is working out well
 Electronics Robotics Committee - David Fenyes, Daniel Jackson reporting
  LED lighting for the under-bench lighting, yet to purchase it, but the committee decided to get them
  Rigal scope is being specc'ed out, and hopefully DCODES.
  Will be teaching a basic oscilliscope class soon; Will also show pocket scopes are very limited;
  the scope class will be scheduled before DefCon
  Trying to keep the room clean; Storage Pocalypse, the junk in the room will GO AWAY.
 Financial Committee - Paul Brown reporting
  Haven't done the books for last month yet; been welding. No longer excepting cash. Working on a Paypal alternatives.
  Have been talking to payment gateway companies.
  Questions regarding number of members.  Between 180 and 200.
 Laser Committee - William Petefish
  Getting ready to run the electric lines for dedicated laser powersupply and blower fan.
  New air assist nozzle and the focusing lens holder; we will be able to get fine focussing quickly.
  Rotary attachment? No word yet. It does work, it is just poorly designed.
 Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody
  Storage Apocalypse; Alan is restocking the kitchen multiple times a week.
  Took control of the storage area, Andrew's been focussing on keeping things clean. Hopefully we
  will be able to store things people are actually working on.
  Remaining build-out for Monroe.

 Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Nicole LeCody, Andrew L reporting
  From Nicole L: "Three upcoming classes...Photographing Models, Intermediate Photoshop, and Advanced Photo Touch Up. Classes coming in August and September. Developing is still open on every Foto Friday. Working on cataloging the cameras in the darkroom so they can begin being checked out by members. Lance is helping fix the light issue in the darkroom by raising the switch so kids cannot accidently turn it on. Still working on a light to indicate when someone is developing.

Working up a budget for purchases I would like to make for the darkroom. We now have a mailing list."

  3 upcoming classes; photographing models <etc, FIXME>
  Nicole is developing film on Fridays still; working on cataloguing the cameras in the darkroom for checkout.
  Lance is working on the lighting issue in the darkroom. Also working on a DEVELOPING IN PROGRESS light indicator for the outside.
  Nicole is working on a budget for the room; also mailing list, photography <at>

 Public Relations Committee - Otto W, Robert D reporting
  Have a poster competition going on. spent $374 of Google Ad cash, for Google Ad words.
  We need good posters, for putting up at Mike's, Tanner's, etc
 Security Committee - Andrew LeCody
  The room is a mess right now, but Storage Apocalypse will wipe it clean.
  Question about the reloading bench classes.

Meeting adjourned, 2106