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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports



Committee Chairs


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Proposal: Electric Car charging parking spots

1) I propose the DMS paints yellow reflective stripes on the concrete (generally outside/near the roll-up door) that indicate parking reserved for EV vehicles to charge. Maybe, additionally, a sign on the brick wall within a driver's eye line.

Due to the relatively short EV charging cord (25'), there is only about two places an EV can park and still be charged. One is in front of the loading dock. The other is outside the exit door beside the loading dock.

An overhead drawing will be presented by meeting time.

2) I propose a red egress circle painted outside the hinged door. The primary spot is in proximity of the exit door, but due to fire code NOTHING should be BLOCKING the door. So use red reflective striping to indicate a no-parking section.

3) We should specify only actively charging vehicles, or the next in line to charge, are allowed to park there.

4) Conflicts with the loading dock are to be expected to happen, I don't propose a solution except that the EV has to move if requested.

Open Discussion of Guns and Gun Related Hacking at The Space (to be held at end of New Business): Nicole LeCody

Problem: There are several members who have expressed concern for allowing gun related hacking and classes to take place at the space. Since this can be a heated topic I feel it is an interest group that should be fluid and constantly pulling its approval from the membership.

Solution: I would like to have a discussion on the pros/cons of having gun related classes and hacking going on at the space. This would be the time for members to bring their concerns forward as well as for those who support having it in the space to make their case. Safety issues should be discussed and if any further rules need to be in place before allowing the continued operation of this interest group.

3D Printer

Problem: The MakerSpace does not have a ready-to-go 3D Printer a la the Laser CNC. 3D printing at the space currently must rely on assistance from other members and their private machines.

Solution: Purchase a ready to go commercial 3D printer. One equivalent to the Makerbot Replicator 2, perhaps the Form 1. Pros:

  • The Form 1 resin printer is less than $3,000 and shipping next month.
  • Resolution is much higher than printers currently owned by members.
  • A printer at the Space would allow much more experimentation & "play" in design.
  • RepRap style printers require a great deal of maintenance and support.
  • A Space owned printer shares the overall vision of the Space in owning our equipment, and does not not place the burden on the few generous members with 3D printers.
  • The Form 1 is a really cool printer.
  • A resin printer works differently from the member-owned 3D printers, and may allow different designs.
  • A Space owned printer would be avail 24x7.
  • A 1000 Dollar Investment into the 3D Fab Committee would jump start the committee build into a 3d printer and would get the DMS it's own 3D Printer.

Cons: We are Makers, and many members believe in making our printer.

Warehouse Project Funding

Problem: Lathe needs motor and tooling. Air compressor needs 3 Phase power and air lines. Solution: Allocate funding for needed equipment.



Draft Minutes

20130207 1942
Membership Meeting minutes
Brian Ingram
Christopher Ware (new member), moved in from Jersey, Unix admin/SAN admin
Mike, found the group from Reddit, indirectly, itnerested in crafts and stuff
-have own business with antique restoration; interested in 3d printing.
Susan, interested in different facets of; been doing antiques and art restoration
-glass pottery marble, etc
Ben, new member; Used to make video games; test/automation team, too many projects.
Edwin, found us online; wants to make arcade cabinets, just signed up today.
Alex, found online; a friend who's a programmer, making wine; made wine in Napa valley.
upcoming events

Phil and Tanya from Tyler, TX... Discovery museum
Tyler's Maker Fair, March 23rd
First one they've had, (third?) one in TX.
City of Tyler has embraced this, wants it to work out.
about 90 min to 2 hours east on I20
turning the entire museum over to the maker fair
booths, and vendor booths; flyers are just outside
application is on the website, if you'll need power, etc
Wifi will be available on the interior
MAKE has guidelines on the event
If you would like to exhibit, there is no charge. If booth sales are for-profit, cost $75

They have an exhibit shop, only 20k sft of museum space;
Phil is the CO of the Science Museum (primary interest in STEM)
About 20 people on the Maker committee
Bidding on a Tesla Coil; build a theramin at the entrance to the Maker Fair
Distributing 18k flyers to Tyler students, had a press event in October.

Sci-fi Expo, Saturday and Sunday

DPRG Monthly Meeting Saturday
Tuesday night is RBNO

Weds Electronics Night is still MIA
Weds night Perl Mongers
7-9 nightly Weds night Perl Mongers, (Hump day perl)

Every Weds 7-9, also a CISSP course for the next 9 weeks (Robert Davidson)
 at DMS. A half to one Domain per week. Study group.

Photo Friday nights being planned ("FotoFridays")

Next project meeting will be 28th

NTEAA will be Saturday 10th

Feb 10 is Open Forge, 11a-2pm (Every other Sunday)

CryptoParty on Weds 20th. 7p-9p

----Personal Projects-------
 John K, Mike C, Eric , Mark

 Stacy D, LED matrix board project.

 Paul W. Tachikomo robot


 Got a new compressor in the warehouse, 2 phase

 'K-cop', serial programming with a kegerator, IOS application for serial.
 uses the Dock connector
 Apple Time capsule, finding the serial line on the hardware.


 Mike C, took ideas from Thingiverse from a 3 point levelling system
 another bed... has now redone the bed with thumbscrews; can easily level it

Meeting 20130207 2021
Mike Eber moves to accept the prev minutes
Mike C seconds

Vote: (26 present)
Aye: 21
Opp: -
Abs: 5

Motion passes
 Committee reports
 Operations and Facilities Committee, Andrew L reporting
 Notices about physical space changes
  Questions about cleaning crew
 Security COmmittee, Andrew L reporting
  Wifi test
 Financial Committee, Paul B reporting
 PR Committee, Nicole L reporting
  Another Tanners event in April
  New Chairman, Nick Sainz
  Also new members on the committee
 Amateur Radio Committee, Mike E reporting
  Another class coming up;
  Field day is around the last weekend in June
 AV Committee, no report
 Bio Committee, Paul B reporting
  Some homebrew, also going to brew the President's honey ale
 Classroom Committee, John F reporting
  The Sony Receiver has been replaced; now have a new one, supports Android or iPhone to control it
  Also supports MHL; Also has Airplay. It has a Crosspoint switch inside.
 Craftroom Committee, new chairman; no report
 Electronics and Robotics Committee, David F reporting
  Making progress, usability of the room and benches;
  If you want to work on something you should be able to go in there and perform the work, everything
  should be setup already.
  Has a wishlist, have already purchased some items
  Would like to see more participation on the forums
 Warehouse Committee, Paul W reporting
  Paul B. The 3 phase Air compressor has now been sold. Also now purchased a larger, different 2-phase compressor.
  Got a new Lathe in; got a new motor for that.  Will probably be getting a large drill-press.
  Wanting to get air lines run this month.
 Photography Lab Committee, Nicole L reporting
  The lab is functional, will be planning some new events, digital and analog both.
  Want to have 10 or so for the next couple of months
 Open Source Ecology Committee, Craig F, not present
 3d Fabrication Committee, John G reporting
  Andrew F is thinking about
 LifeMakers Committee, Lisa S, not present, John G reporting
  Getting more members; body scale and also a food scale are available;
  interested in a group activity, planning
 Old Business
 New Business
  Proposal: Electric Car charging parking spots
  John F proposes that the EV Charging spot be implemented per the documented proposal.
  Mike E seconds

Aye: 28
Opp: 0
Abs: 0
Motion passes

  Call for discussion: 3D Printer
  Proposal: Warehouse Project Funding
   These items have been obseleted by recent events.
  Call for discussion: Open Discussion of Guns and Gun Related Hacking at The Space (to be held at end of New Business): Nicole LeCody
  Discussion closed
  Notice about the Board of Directors election and the dates/times regarding it.
  Movement to Adjournment
Unanimous vote.