Regular Member Meeting 20121011

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Note: To be held in MIBS SRC3 format

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports



Committee Chairs


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Appropriate Funds for Freestanding Radio Tower (Mike Eber)

Issue: The aluminum tower that was donated is not suitable for a permanent installation at our site, due to the design requirement of using guy wires to make it stable. We can however use these tower sections for Field Day and other special events.

Solution: I propose that we allocate $2,000 dollars to acquire and install a suitable free standing tower. This will not only be used in conjunction with the security committee for the wireless network up-link but for the Amateur Radio station as well.

Appropriate Funds for Vacuum Form Machine (Stan Simmons)

Proposal: Greg Needel would like to take on building the vacuum form machine for the space. He expects that it will take ~$200 to complete the project. He would like to request funds from the space for the project, in terms of reimbursement after the project has been completed. His current plan for this unit is that it will be approximately 30" x 30" (working space of 24" x 24"). The machine will be self standing around 4' tall.

Disposition of Dizzy Fling (Mike Churchill)

Issue: The Dizzy Fling was built as a part of the RedBull Challenge this past summer (late July). It is now October. What at the plans for this machine: will it become a permanent structure of the warehouse? Will it be removed after the Open House? Sooner? Later? Since more equipment is being built and is planned for use in the warehouse, space will become more of a premium over time.

Solution: I propose that it be removed or broken down and stored out of the way by the end of November.

Alt Solution: Stick with the plan devised by those working on the project and approved by the Operations Committee. Keep the Dizzy Fling functional for Open House, then break down the chairs and modify the frame so it can be stored folded.

Mike C Reply: My proposal is not in conflict with the "plan", but puts a definite timeline to said plan: e.g. by the end of November. The Open House is scheduled for the 10th of November. My proposal allows three weeks to get the machine broken down once the Open House is complete.



 Introductions; Robert Davidson
 Saturday, October 13, 2012 from
 Pyrotechnic event; Friday and Saturday, in Granbury
 Oct 26 27
 Tanner Electronics  Sat 20th October
  Need more people
 Open House Nov 10; start at noon
  PR Committee is running the info
 BSides Dallas Nov 3rd;
  Movie, 2600 on Nov 2nd.

 Electric Vehicle charger is active.  Cost is $1/hour.
 Reloading bench.
  The bench is up, only 3 calipers currently.

1956 Official meeting commencing.
1958 Roll for voting members.
2002 Approval of prior minutes.
Mike C moves to approve minutes.
Chris K seconds.
Vote: 23 Aye (unanimous)
 Motion passes.

2003 Reports
 President; Andrew L. reporting.
  Automating accounting
 Financial Committee
  Paul B reporting
  September bookkeeping complete, revenue was $5000, the expenses were about $2500.
  Now have an invoicing system that keeps track of membership dues.  WHMCS
 Question  What about the current balance in the accounts.
  Still have $10k in savings (rainy day fund.)
  About $8k in General funds. About $8k allocated.
 Question Will forecast be in the PNL ?
  Eventually, yes.
 Operations and Fac C. Andrew L reporting
  We have a cleaning guy that is coming out.
  GFCI outlets are getting replaced as they are being tested.
 Question Why is the ewaste in a big bucket
  It is the best way for the e-Recycler company to pick it up. We will be adding shelves.
  (Re-iterating the policy for recycle drop-off requirements.)
 PR Committee Nicole L reporting
  Working on new member packets, business cards, sent an email out to committee chairs for information about them, so that info can
  be made for them.
 Question are the local Dallas media outlets being contacted?
  Yes, there is a listing of them on the wiki.
 Security Committee Andrew L reporting
  Started monitoring the internet connection for the space.  About 2 weeks ago, has been monitoring the connection.
  Still working on the wireless link
  Peter S got the camera feed set up
  Some detail about WHMCS.
 Questions about the phone
  Does it have a voicemail box?
 Question about wireless link
2023 Amateur Radio C  Pat K reporting
 Is anyone interested in the Technician class?  (show of hands)
 A few days in November for the Technician class, and at the start of 2013 a General class.
 The Tech class will be Monday nights, 4 weeks long.  The test will be the fifth week.
 No charge for the class; for the test itself is $15, cash.
 Wireless internet; we are working with Dallas Amateur R. C and Dallas REACT.
 The primary site is downtown, LOS from datacenter-downtown-DMS.
 Question about timeline
  Dependent on other parties; emails being sent.
 Question about committee meeting..
  Will schedule one after the main meeting.
2030 AV Committee, Chris K reporting
 No report.
2031 Bio Committee, Paul B reporting
 Last batch of root beer is really good
 Need more plants for the aquaponics system
2032 Classroom Committee, John Fields
 Please clean the whiteboards.
 Documentation camera, has an articulating arm, will be having a class on its use, it is a USB device.  Information is in the WIKI.
 Have some new speakers that will be mounted.
 Nicole has the fabric for the new curtain.
 Will P is working on getting a computer for the TV.
 If there are any question regarding the classroom, please contact John F				
 Paul W please if you use the projector, ensure that the projector is OFF upon leaving.
2037 Craft Room C, Nicole L reporting
 Artists Night Out is postponed due to lack of available time
 Interest in a Sewing 101 class;
 Alyssa mentioning the computer controlled sewing machine
 Ed K will be making some shelves for the Craft Room on Monday
2040 Electronics Room/Robotics C. Kent B reporting
 Has not been managing the Microcontroller nights on Weds., has not been attending.
 Kent thinkng perhaps to remove the Microcontroller nights event.
2043 Warehouse C  Paul W reporting
 Cleaning issues; starting in Nov, unless you are here and working on it, if you leave something on the work table, it will get removed or tossed.
 You give salvage rights to the things.  We will give 3 weeks warning for the policy.
 David J. recommends signage
 Michael C. recommends this is a good move, especially with holidays coming up, needing cleaning, not junky.
 Re-allocation of the table saw funds.
 Informal meeting of Warehouse C. The results were the funds will get allocated to CNC or router. (See wiki)
 Questions about the new saw class, is there one?
  Paul W asks for show of hands. (many hands)
  After this meeting info will be provided about class
2049 Photo Lab, Nicole L reporting
 Informal developing session, color C41, most likely on Saturday.
 Question about holography and digital imaging
  Have thought about digital-geared classes.
 Statement from Kent, interest in holograms.
- Paul W, will be asking for funds for goggles, basic supplies, can make a harbor frieght run if funding approved
2052 Open Source Ecology, Craig F reporting
 Induction furnace still not working
 Sometime would like to visit the Factory Farm.
 Question about what an inductive furnace can do, look up the inaugural procedure, is very good.
 It will be used to heating up metal
2058 Old Business (empty)
2058 New Business
 Asking for new agenda items; none.
 Appropriate Funds for Freestanding Radio Tower (Mike Eber)
 Discussion about the current Tower versus a new Tower.
  What is the timeline for a tower?
  What, if any, funds are allocated to AMateur Radio
   Currently none
  Mike C commenting, would like to allocate but not spend the funds until absolutely necessary.
  Nick S makes a motion to table voting or discussion of this item
  Pat K seconds
 Aye: 20
 Abstaining: 6
 Appropriate Funds for Vacuum Form Machine (Stan Simmons)
 Discussion about the agenda item.
 Paul W motions to approve the allocation called for in the agenda item.
 Ken P seconds
 Aye: 24
 Abstaining: 1
 Opposed: 0
 Motion passes
 Disposition of Dizzy Fling (Mike Churchill)
 Discussion about the agenda item.
 Paul W motions to approve the agenda item with the adjustment of a due date of Dec 31.
 Nick S seconds
 Aye: 24
 Abstaining: 0
 Opposed: 0

Andrew L adjourns meeting, 2118