Regular Member Meeting 20120913

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Note: To be held in MIBS SRC3 format

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

Prior minutes

Officer/Committee reports



Committee Chairs


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

  • Discuss what to do with cabinet saw funding.



Draft Minutes

20120913 1928 Membership meeting preliminary meeting Vistors

1930 Rob, new member, was here a few weeks ago, wanting to do wood working Andy, datacenter downtown, kickstarter mPrinter, wood working Revi Erin

1932 events Fencom, Sci-fi, next week SFD Tanners Oct 20, 12pm- DPRG BBQ Open House, Nov 10th Saturday ComicCon fan days Oct 19-21 (Bruce Campbell to be there) B-Sides Security Nov 3rd (

1939 1941 Projects

Cabinet saw is in
Pat Delaney's Multimachine
John W.'s Tachikomo
Sentry gun
Paul Brown, brewing; there are some bottles


Andy and his mPrinter giving a quick presentation

1949 1953

Robert D/Andrew L starting meeting 1953
Explaining membership meeting


Roll call for voting
Paul Br, proxy for Doug E
Daniel Jackson
19 people present, quorum met.


Prior minutes
Andrew motions to approve minutes
Seconded by Nick
Vote: 19/19
Unanimous, motion passes
Abstain: n/a

1959 Reports

Operations and Facilities Committee
 Andrew L reporting
  Question regarding the mailbox


PR COmmittee
 Nichole L Reporting
  have a self-inking hackerspace space, next mtg 24 september.
  Vinyl signs, stickers, new member packets
  Doing a decal sale, should last forever, $5/decal, need to sell at least 20
  Due to the video on good morning texas, got some interest from the local DISD
  looking at doing somethings with the local schools


Security Committee Andrew L reporting
 Planning still on getting the WIFI connection
 Added some new cameras
  Ipv6?  Robert D is checking with TWC for IPV6; they've been rolling it out to small business customers
  we will be doing a test of ip6 ourselves, whenever it is available from TWC


Amateur Radio Committee
 Mike Eber reporting
  National Association of Broadcasters at the Anatole; registration is free
  When is the tower to be put up?  This is being planned.
  When is the next tech class?  In November, whenever Pat H has recovered from surgery, then.


AV Committee
 No report; absent


BIO Committee
 Paul Brown reporting
 Beer brewing
  What kind of peppers?  Bell and Habanero
 Was trying to grow seeds into small plants and transplant them.
  Any update on the fish tank?
   Romeo is out of town; Mark is not available.


Classroom Committee
 John Fields reporting
  Using the new chairs in the classrom
  Put up some more white boards
  New lights
  When will we have desks made for the other side of the classrom?  Soon.


Craftroom Committee
 Nichole reporting
  No updates
   Do we have a paper cutter?  No, not currently.
   Do you have any issues of the encroachment on the space?  It is currently not an issue.


Electronics and Robotics Committee
 Kent B reporting; Lance Preston--
  Wednesday nights have been working, and operating OK.


Warehouse Committee
Paul Wilson reporting
Saw is in place
Re-organization, cleaning, bins for scrap metal, wood
Shuffling of furniture to accomodate stuff.
Did set aside money for the brake..need to decide on the expenditure
Andrew L: we do have new business regarding the funds that were allocated for the saw.


Photography Lab and Darkroom committee
Nichole L reporting
Came up with a list of classes, and ideas
Green screen, more digital, maybe 2 day classes, lightboxes, things like that.
Getting more organized in the darkroom, more shelves
 Anything in the budget for a high quality digital printer, and scanner?
 * Can add to new business


Open source ecology committee
Craig Ferguson reporting
Fluxeon induction furnace; the parts have been removed, does anyone know how to test IGBTs?  Got a bunch of replacement parts
The schematics do not work with the Fluxeon board..
Questions:  none atm.


Financial committee
Treasurer report
Paul Brown reporting
Paul W recommending to hire someone to enter data for finances.

2052 Moving on to New Business Discussion on what to do with cabinet saw funding. Paul Brown's poll

12 out of 23 agree that it should go to CNC router
16 out of 23 agree to go to a larger laser cutter

2057 2101

Robert D describing some banking financing plans for tooling.

2117 2122 2126 2130 2131 2133

Ralph Green motions to have Paul Wilson, of the Warehouse Committee make a report back to the group next month with the results for researching options regarding CNC Router and/or Laser cutter.

Voting: 16 Abstained: 1 Motion passes.

Andrew L adjourning meeting. 2136

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.