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Note: To be held in MIBS SRC3 format

Time, location

19:00, Dallas Makerspace

Approval of prior minutes

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Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

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Monthly Meeting June 14th, 2012

Meeting called to order at: 8:27 by Robert Davidson

Attendance: Andrew LeCody Ben Bangerter Bryan Martin Candice LeCody Craig MacPherson Glenn Pipe Kent Bowling Mark Havens Michael Churchill Mike Eber Nicole Greeley Oguz Yetkin Paul Brown Paul Wilson Peter Smith Robert Davidson Robert Lance Preston Jose Sainz Ralph Green

Mike Churchill motioned to approve the prior meeting minutes. Seconded by Paul Wilson. Aye-17 Nay-0 AB-0

Financial Committee: Nicole Greeley

  • Currently sitting at 12,000 in the bank
  • Taxes taken care of
  • Now have 100 members
  • There is an issue with the insurance that is being investigated by Andrew and John.
  • Our power account is up for renewal.

Public Relations Committee: Nicole Greeley

  • Got funds for business cards, post cards, and banner
  • Stamp is ready to be made, will send file to Glenn and Nick to get it made.

Security Committee: Robert Davidson

  • Still in progress on the RFID system.
  • Robert Davidson has taken over the camera systems and getting the tower up.
  • Still need to do mockup for Wiley Brother's approval.

Amateur radio Committee: Mike Eber

  • Field Day is June 23rd.
  • Working on antenna
  • General Class class will be held next month.
  • Call for donations for HF Transceivers for Field Day

AV Committee: NA

  • No one present to give report

Bio Committee: David Roscheck

  • call to people interested in aquaponics
  • building a micro fuel cell for the bacteria clothing
  • call for bio lab projects
  • working on developing training classes for equipment use in the bio room.

Classroom Committee: Robert Davidson

  • Put up new whiteboards. More will be put up at a future date.
  • There is talk about moving to stackable chairs
  • Lighting is still being worked on

Craftroom Committee: Nicole Greeley

  • Vinyl Art for lounge room
  • Reinfusing the Craft night

Electronics and Robotics Committee: Kent Bowling

  • Playing around with the PCB mill
  • Want to

Operations and Facilities Committee: Paul Brown

  • Cleaning has been approved for the space. 100/mn has been allocated.
  • Requested that we include more protein snacks

Warehouse Committee: Paul Wilson

  • Electrician will be coming by Friday
  • Once power is set up we will start order the cabinet saw and other approved machines.

Darkroom Committee:

  • Class to develop will be held July 14th at 1pm

Open Source Ecology: Craig MacPhearson

  • call out for an assistant or apprentice for help on the open source
  • In the next month they will be working on getting a kiln made out of cement.

Agenda Items:

  • Start discussions on space buying its own laser
  • Discuss funds to acquiring funds for a HF Transceivers
  • Propose 150 dollars to get two IP cameras for the space
  • Propose a small budget for the Electronics Room
  • Aquaponics budget
  • Tower

Agenda Item One: Start Discussion on the Space Purchasing its Own Laser Cutter

  • This agenda item will be brought up offline.

Agenda Item Two: Funds for HF Transceivers

  • Mike Eber suggested we spend 1000 dollars to purchase HF Transceivers
  • HF Transceiver would be placed in the AV/Security room

Mike Churchill moves to approve 1000 dollars towards the purchase of an HF Transceiver. Seconded Craig MacPhearson. Aye-13 Nay-1 AB-2

Agenda Item Three: 150 Dollars for IP camera

  • Paul wants to purchase these cameras for the space due to their ease for setting up.
  • They run on FTP
  • Currently there are already two IP cameras.
  • Each 70 dollars and are wireless.

Paul Brown proposes 150 dollars be earmarked for security committee for the purchase of IP cameras. Seconded by Kent Bowling. Aye-14 Nay-1 AB-1

Agenda Item Four:

  • Proposed 25 a month for supplies for the electronics room

Mike Churchill motions that we approved a budget of 25 dollars a month for the electronics room to purchase supplies. Seconded Craig MacPhearson. Aye-16 Nay-0 AB-2

Agenda Item Five: Aquaponics Budget

  • Currently we do not have good lights or grow tent for hydroponics
  • Want the equipment to grow plants.
  • Proposed might need 400 dollars to buy supplies
  • Six weeks to get everything set up once approved funding

Mark Havens proposes 400 dollars to purchase supplies to get hydroponics lab up and working. Seconded by Mike Eber. Aye-8 Nay-1 AB-7

Agenda Item Six: Tower

Andrew motions to table discussion on the tower. Seconded by Ralph Green

Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm by Robert Davidson.

Money Allocations: 1000 for HF Transceiver 150 for IP Cameras 25/mn for Electronics Supply 400 for hydroponics supplies Total=$1,575