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Regular Member Meeting

Minutes Draft:

20120510 Members in attendance: Lance Preston Stan Simmons Mike Eber Nick guest Chris Kirby Craig Ferguson David Rostcheck Paul Brown guest Dennis guest Robert Davidson John Fields Paul Wilson Glenn Pipe Andrew Peter Smith Mark Havens via remote Oguz Yetken Kent Bowling John Haskins Ben

Andrew Starting meeting 20:27 Guests

Gary  Chris Kirby's guest
Chad  From Tuscon AZ

New member

Jon Gorman

Events 20:30

Saturday at noon, DPRG semi-annual robotics event
John Fields explaining upcoming Open Source Saturday
Stan Simmons  NTEAA, 3rd Saturday this month
John Haskins  Blacksmithing this Sunday, around 11am

Upcoming Events

Mike Eber Mini Maker Fair Austin, leaving Friday,
Glenn Pipe Dallas Comic-con, in Irving
A-kon June 1-3
Robert Davidson Defcon, end of July/August
Prometheus, June 8, Let's go on Saturday at the first showing, on the 9th
Robert Davidson, Ohmspace, invitation to visit

Projects 20:41

Craig Ferguson, induction furnace, for Ecology
Nick, T-shirt available
Mike Eber, DSMART, open-source transceiver
 Open-source repeater
Andrew, wireless link, need help collecting the pieces of the tower
Andrew, we have a new panel that was installed today.  Going to be installing more outlets and circuits.
Andrew: Lance and Paul Brown, replaced ballasts and bulbs.
Glenn: Precision Plasma, 4' X 4', possible loaner unit from a DPRG member.
Nick: his Pick-n-place should be in next week.
Chris: We should schedule a shooting weekend.
Andrew: basic class on AR-15s, how they work, other information.
Mike Eber: planning on holding a General Classification HAM class.
Mike Eber: is the Class A IP for HAM IP space.

Structured Meeting Andrew starting, 20:54 Last meeting minutes, any objections?

No objections.

Officer/Committee reports President: No report John Haskins, Treasurer report: 5.5k in general funds, 7 or 9k in the bank currently. Have 92 official members. One other that's a new member.

Monthly income is around 3400/month.  Monthly expenses are around 1600.

Operations and Facilities: Andrew LeCody: Lance and Paul Brown worked on the lights. Paul Brown also got a new bay-door lock. They both also went down the to-do list from the wiki. Paul Brown also installed smoke detectors. Need assistance with purchasing general refills for the space. Q: Glenn Pipe: Question about the mill, there was funding, what is the status. A: John Haskins: Need assistance with purchasing. Q: David Rostchek: Question about cleaning of space A: Andrew: please keep the space clean, we are accepting quotes for cleaning services. Q: Robert D: What is the timeline on the power A: Andrew: The electrician will be attempting to get to it next week.

Public Relations Committee Nick: Last time, talked about a postcard setup, so we could give recognition across the US, to highlight activities from the space. Paul Wilson: Concerns about the cost. Mike Eber: hack-a-day is featuring hackerspaces. He suggests that the PR committee to give a presentation to them

Security Committee Andrew: Have the server and UPS mounted. Planning on a file server setup soon. Actually have the hardware for it. Just need to install. Code for the new website is mostly done. Only things remaining is connector code for inventory and voting systems. This new system will replace the mailing list with a forum/mailing list. Single login. high-speed link, getting the 80 foot tower on Sunday, have some temporary poles on loan. Will get people on the roofs, and see if we can get an RF link. Q: Lance: is there any documentation for the UPS? It needs to be re-configured A: Robert D: the info should be online. Says it is probably powerchute. Q: Robert D: the second tower, are we going to purchase? A: Andrew: after the testing with the poles, we will be putting the 80ft tower at the space, but the testing is the initial step. Towers are not usable until we test first.

BIO Committee David: Storage in place, now starting on Aqua ponics.

Amateur Radio Committee: Mike Eber: Filed for the club callsign. As soon as that works out, will announce. Also having the class, everyone passed. Now up to around 15 licensed radio operators in DMS. DSMART also is working. Need low-level drivers for Linux to handle the DSMART.

Darkroom Committee: No report

Craft Room: No report

Class Room: 21:22 John Fields: Whiteboards are up. They've been used, and people have been cleaning them which is awesome. More installs going on soon. Question on stacking chairs or folding chairs. Stan: Bob P. has a good source for chairs. He handles that for the convention center. Robert D: Propose a budget for $50/month--to be added to new business. Dennis: May have a source of chairs also. Q: Mike Eber: Speakers for classroom, status? A: There aren't any currently. We have some Stan: There's a small digital camera in the darkroom for projects documentation. it's OK resolution and it is wireless. Oguz: say two DV cameras were brought in Mike E: Yes, they are for general use.

Electronics and Robotics Room: John H: It still exists. Still doing Wednesday nights. No major projects. Will be having a meeting within the next month or so. Q: Peter: Classes to be scheduled? A: PCB mill, and other classes will be handled Mike Eber: Would be up for teaching Arduino classes

AV Committee:

Warehouse/Garage: John W: The electricity went in. Q: Mike E: Can we get a whiteboard in the warehouse/garage space? A: John W: Wall space is highly valuable. Not sure where to put Glenn P: Suggest we do a combo brake machine. Since we're getting a cabinet saw, we should also order a combo machine. 52" wide for high gauge steel. Adding to New Business. John H: The metal side keeps getting dis-organized. There is a reason we're keeping it clear. John W: Air compressor being specc'ed out.

Open Source Ecology 21:32 Craig F: Need help and involvement for a. Q: Mike E: What is his non-profit status A: Unsure, haven't been notified.

Old Business

New Business 21:34

  • Proposed change from monthly meetings to semi-annual meetings: 2nd Thursday of March and September

- Andrew: Tabling this item at the request of the membership. Discussion will begin online.

  • Proposed budget for consumables for the Classroom. (Robert Davidson) (21:42)

- Proposal of a budget for $50, recurring, for the classroom committee. (Robert Davidson) - Seconded by Oguz Yetkin - Vote Aye: 13 Nays: 1 Abstaining: 2 Motion passes.

  • Proposed discussion about purchase of combo brake. (Glenn Pipe) (21:47)

- Motion to allocate $1500 to purchase a combination roll-brake-sheer, the model to be determined by the Warehouse Committee. If it is decided to not purchase, the funds are to be returned to the General Fund. - Seconded by Oguz Yetkin - Vote Aye: 12 Nays: 1 Abstaining: 3 Motion passes.

Andrew L adjourned at 21:53