Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220802

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220802

2022-08-02 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Liam, Sherry L, Amy R, Kendra, John F, Anette, Jan, Anna N, Will, Liv


Item 1: Proposed changes to current set up

Liam would like to move shelving around to make the flow of greenware to finished work more organized. Group agreed that we will move one of the In Progress shelves to completed work and the current Completed Work shelf will become a new In Progress shelf. Vote of 11 Yes to 1 abstain for the changes, Monika to post changes on talk and label shelving. Liam will make signage for the shelves.

Liam feels the wheels are too close for teaching purposes and would like to separate them a bit more. OK for now but will eventually need to make room for more wheels. He will also break down the current shelving to two side by side shorter shelves.

Small Table will be moved to Flex area for use there. Monika will purchase the MDF boards as discussed in last month's meeting.

Group agreed we want to move the glazes to under the cabinets, but no ideas brought to the table. Monika will post a Talk message to solicit ideas and assistance from DMS to make new glaze rack solution.

Item 2: Lighting Purchase

Monika has the lighting info from the machine shop group. Can purchase but would have come in over $200, need committee approval for purchase.

Vote 11 yes to 1 abstain. Monika will purchase lighting.

Item 3: Clay Cabinet Donated - Purchase teachers clay?

Because the teachers clay cabinet was donated to us, we did not use the $500 we allotted for the cabinet.

Group agreed that we will purchase $300 worth of teacher's clay. Monika will make sure to get bulk pricing or wait for the sale.

We will purchase a couple boxes of T-Mix and the majority will be White Stoneware.

Item 4: New Tool Cabinet

New small cabinet will no longer be locked and for only teachers use. Group agreed to utilize this cabinet for hand building and slip Casting tools instead.

Will need a volunteer to move the hand buidling tools to the cabinet.

Item 5: Teaching Classes

Remember to post the classes you are offering to the thread so we all know what is being offered and we can try not to duplicate classes and timing.

Teachers are responsible to let Monika know if there are supply needs prior to posting the class so we can work the request into the budget.

Teachers need to confirm they have clay available for usage prior to class and/or may need to assist in getting class clay ready.

Monika will create a new "Ceramics Classes Being Added" thread since the current one is lengthy.

Item 6: Purchases

MDF Boards for Flex tables

Lighting - see above

Class Clay - see above

Metal and rubber ribs - Monika purchased

Hand held extruder is not working - Monika will purchase after lighting, clay and glazes

Mini Giffen Grip - group would like us to purchase Mini Giffen Grip - Monika will add to list of requests and purchase after needed items are completed

Item 7: Other

Needs Attention shelf thread will be a running thread no longer monthly.

Slip Casting - remind folks not to use metal tools they can damage the molds. Monika purchased plastic tools for this purpose and are on the slip casting shelves

Nothing should touch the inside of a slip casting mold

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:30PM

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