Ceramics Committee Meeting 20200107

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Time 6:30 on 2020-01-07 Location Dallas Makerspace


April Burk

Steve Burk

Allen Wan

Greg Tometich

Sabine Fletcher

Amanda Cline

Anette Henningson

Brenda Morlan

Monika Troester

Anita Willis

James Henningson

Julie Harris

Freddy Calvert


1. Repairing the large kiln, Gatsby. We need to change the elements and the max cost would be $350.00.

Unanimous approval to spend a max of $350.00

2. Vote for Allen Wan to repair the kiln

Unanimous approval for Allen to complete the repairs

3. Personal firings

Group discussed the request for creating personal firings possibly for money contributions.

James H, stated that we can not reserve or rent out community equipment

Discussed the possibility of a "test" kiln for these types of firings and the need for good ventilation if there are items that may burn or cause smoke

Agreement that we need to put some basic procedures around the request/process. Amanda, James and Allen will work on the proposal which will include research on venting needs.

Vote tabled until procedures/research can be presented to the committee