Ceramics Commitee Meeting 20200805

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Ceramics monthly meeting. 08/05/2020 18:30

Dial-in info.


Dial-in: (US) +1 760-463-2569 PIN: 603 970 874#

Production Potter: Board of Directors is looking into this issue across DMS, see post on Talk.

Monika - We can't really identify a production potter based on size of items, number of items, etc...

Monika - One way is to go back to the concept of renting a shelf or kiln and using that contribution towards kiln maintenance although we discussed this and it was specifically stated we could not rent kiln time.

Anita - There are very specific rules about renting kilns so we need to wait until BOD has a decision.

Tracy - An active member needs to also get involved to help out the community, like joining the kiln team or some other contribution

Kris K - This issue seems to come up specifically based on grumblings about the kiln team and firings. There is no issue with firing schedules and this should not be coming up any more. The kiln team is fair and fires based on first come first served.

Monika - if a piece is large, odd sized or several items need to be fired together it may take a couple of kilns to get things in. Monika - they way everyone is trained on the kiln team is to always load the oldest items first.

Kris K - comes down to making sure that there is no preferential treatment

Amanda - no one is getting preferential treatment

Anita - stated not true there have been people who load their own pieces first

April - we will start with a clean slate. As of right now there is not an issue. If there seems to be an issue we will bring it back to committee for discussion

Slip Molds

Everyone needs to use the stickers provided to tag the molds they want the space to keep. We need to get rid of some of the molds for space reasons so it is important you all take a look and identify your keepers.

Cone 5 Firing

Shelf has been set up for cone 5 firings. Once the shelf is full we will fire a cone 5 kiln. There were several people interested in this option

Hand Building Molds

Kris K - there are Hump and slump combinations molds for about $60.00. There are also GR pottery forms that are more expensive Monika - liked the idea of being able to use both hump and slump in one product

Several people agreed

April will work on getting the set ordered

Kris K will donate to the space a set of O rings for the molds to sit in Lighting

Kris K and Amanda - would like to improve the lighting in the space especially under the cabinets. The stone surface is the best for handbuilding.

Anita - the stone needs to be available for wedging

Monika - there is a huge piece of stone available to be placed on a table for wedging or handbuilding. The tables we put on our floor plans are not the ones we have now. We need to get 2X4 tables and put the stone on one, the birch on the other, etc.... as discussed in prior meetings.

Also look at improving the lighting in the area


Amanda - can we start up classes again. Did some research and other shops are starting small classes and following all of the distancing guidelines.

Anita - We need to check with the board if honorarium classes are being approved. She doesnt think they are

April and Amanda - would like to coordinate what is going to be offered so we don't step on each other

Utopia - how do we plan on that coordination

Monika - need to be able to book all 4 wheels for a class

April - will check to see if we can put the other 2 wheels back into our old space so that we can do throwing classes with the 4 in the new area

Amanda - will be putting up some hand building classes

Utopia - will be teaching sculpting classes


Monika will get the list of glazes needed to James with a CC to April

Amanda said that there is an issue with glossy whites being out at Trinity and only available in bulk. Monika will talk with Trinity.


1027 diagnostics done by Steve Top and bottom elements are firing, middle is faint. He will call Skutt next week to see what next steps are.

April - will let James know that we may need to call in a repair person once we have more info

April - will also reach out to Rich Meyer to check the outlet, it is not providing 208 power but the other outlet is. Maybe he can replace the parts on this one as well to help with the power

Tracy - would like to post (kiln stilt sideways) the kiln on Bisque at 200 degrees, current rule is at 150.

Anita - said that glass was asked not to pen a kiln before 100 degrees to minimize load on air conditioners

April - will ask BOD about posting kilns at 200 and our current rule at 150

Utopia - to please be specific about training day, date and time so she can see the information more clearly.