Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220906

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220906

2022-09-06 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Christy C, April B, Steve, B, Beth A, Sonya, Anna N


Item 1: Class Clay

Trinity was out of White stoneware. We are on the waiting list and should be able to pick up this week. The cabinet has a couple boxes of TMix and Cinco Blanco for now.

Item 2: Lighting Purchase

A portion of the lights have been hung, although we need to fix the one by the glaze item shelving. We have 4 more for over the wheels and 2 for over the flex area if we can get the infrastructure to hang them.

Monika sent a message to the BOD on 8/29 requesting adaptors and infrastructure to plug in and hang the remaining lights. Will follow up

Update: 9/10 BOD does not have an update and will reach out to infrastructure for assistance

Item 3: Glaze Rack solution

CNC design by Burt is being worked on. I have not pushed because of other priorities. May need volunteer to take this one and assist in getting it accomplished.

Item 4: New Tool Cabinet

Sonya has volunteered to work on organizing and labeling the cabinet for hand building tools

Item 5: Honoraium Issue

Issue has been resolved, please let Monika know if there are any additional concerns.

Group would like to discuss and vote in next month's meeting about charging for clay in classes.

Item 6: Purchases

1222 Kiln shelf


Hand held extruder is not working - Monika will purchase after lighting, clay and glazes

Mini Giffen Grip - group would like us to purchase Mini Giffen Grip - Monika will add to list of requests and purchase after needed items are completed

Item 7: Other

Sonya would like to see the group get a spray booth for glazes. Compressed air is ok.

Sonya will put a proposal and information together about the request for a discussion and vote in next month's meeting.

Need to understand footprints, supply needs, etc...

Anna will volunteer to put up dip glazing class and when she does we will purchase a couple gallons of clear for the space to use (Tony Hansen or Kitten clear)

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:05PM

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