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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

Upcoming Events & Projects

Clay & Coffee

Date: Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

This month we will be making bowls to donate to Empty Bowls, a charity event featuring hand crafted bowls by local artists to raise money to fight hunger. So throw, hand build, or slipcast a bowl and bring it to share over a hot cup of coffee!

See you there!


Our purpose as the Ceramics Committee is to provide an open learning environment where makers can choose between different ceramic techniques, hand building, wheel throwing, or slip casting, to not only begin but to also accomplish a ceramics project. As a Committee, we offer beginner classes in all the above mentioned techniques to ease new makers into the ceramics process and teach all the necessary information to achieve a finished product. Our Committee members also enjoy teaching intermediate and advanced classes that highlight their skill sets. As a Committee we aim to create a community where we can share ideas, collaborate, and push each other to become better potters.

Sand Casting


How to join:

1- Send a PM to @Team_Ceramics on the Talk forum, letting us know you're interested.

2- Add your name (alphabetical by last name) to the "Members" section of this wiki page.

  • Chair: Brenda Villafuerte
  • Vice-Chair: Madison Worthington
  • Christy Cooper
  • Beth Appleton
  • Tom Cook
  • Cairenn Day
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Jen Garcia
  • Jennifer Goss
  • Dan Henderson
  • Anette Henningson
  • James Henningson
  • Nathan Jones
  • John Kulenschmidt
  • Jason Middleton
  • Heidi Phillips
  • April Pruitt
  • Jaynee Purchase
  • Shirley Reeves
  • Diana Rhodes
  • Amna Soomro
  • Anita Willis

Discussion and Online References

DMS Talk Forum

Facebook DMS Fired Arts Forum

Ceramic Arts daily

Hsinchuen Lin

Tim See


Here is a link to our page for Fired arts suppliers.

For the hobbyist potter in the DFW, your best bets are Trinity Ceramics in Dallas and American in Fort Worth. Trinity Ceramics know most of the local studios and if you need any help in shopping, just let Kay or Connor know that you are firing at DMS. Somewhere in the Metroplex is a Hobby Lobby that sells stoneware clay. It’s made by Amaco, and it matures at Cone 5, and cheerfully fires up to Cone 10 with no ill effect. Each type of clay you might buy will be a little different, but apparently they have a range of effective temperatures that they work at.

Getting Started in Ceramics

Our community firings are cone 04 bisque and cone 6 glaze. So Cone 6 is a good beginning selection.

Stoneware clays fire great at 6 and are a good basic clay.

The cone 6 porcelain Frost is tricky to dry, throws well mind you, but prone to weird cracks. You have to dry it very, very slowly.

A cone 6 alternative of choice is T-Mix, no grog and it fires pretty darn white. Throws beautifully as well.

There are several more cone 6 clays available at Trinity that will give you an assortment of colors/effects.

For glazes, a good place to start is with mid-fire glazes. Some glaze suppliers muddy the waters by using ‘High Fire’ to mean 6 while most consider ‘High Fire’ to be 10+. Ignore the text and check for the cone range to be sure.

Amaco 5/6 glazes are a nice place to start as they have a detailed website and a strong community so you can find a lot of information/photos or results. Their Celadon line is formulated to be mixed (which is novel in glazes) and their Potter’s Choice line runs deep and can be layered for fantastic results.

Spectrum, Coyote and Mayco also have excellent glazes.


1. Throwing Bats:

  • Bats must be labeled with name and date when the piece was thrown (blue tape and sharpie).
  • Pieces on bats that are unlabeled will be disposed of.
  • Pieces will only be allowed to remain on bats for a maximum of two weeks before being moved onto ware boards where they can remain for the remainder two weeks (30 day total).
  • Labels must be transferred from bats to ware boards.
  • Pieces on labeled ware boards will be disposed of 30 days after the labeled thrown date.


  • 5 wheels:

1 Shimpo VL-Whisper Machine Manual

1 Shimpo RK-Whisper Machine Manual

2 Brent Classic CXC [Product description Product description]

1 other wheel

  • 3 kilns:

2 Paragon Sentry 2.0 kilns. DMS Fires at Cone 6.

1 Delphi Jen-Ken 15-6 ez pro kiln < currently not in use>

Important note: At this time, only members of the Firing Team are allowed to fire kilns. If you would like to fire your own work, please contact the Fired Arts Chair to discuss. For non-standard firing schedules (Fired Arts does community firings to Cones 04 and 6), please send requests to both the FA Chairperson and head of the Firing Team. DMS Talk: cmcooper0 and dryad2b. Once approved, the firing will be added to the calendar. Community needs will take precedence over individual firings. In order to schedule, there must be a full kiln load (or close to it) ready to fire. Partial kiln loads will only be fired at the discretion of the Chair and Firing Team. You must be present for both loading and (prompt) unloading. Link to view-only Google Calendar

  • Various potter tools such as sponges, wooden and metallic ribs, loop trimming tools, double sided ribbon trimming tools, heavy duty needle tools, cut off wires, and aluminum and wood scrapers, bats, cutters etc.
  • Glazes: various Amaco and Coyote glazes
  • Free clay is available for use. Check out the "Free clay" bucket. Please leave the towel so we can keep the clay moist.

Consumables & Consumables Fees

When using Ceramics committee glazes, we ask you to contribute what you feel is appropriate based on your usage (suggested donation: $1-$5). Contributions to the Ceramics department glaze box go towards keeping the shelf stocked with a variety of styles and colors. The contribution box is located on top of the glaze shelf.

Cleaning requirements

Be aware that there is no water. We’ve got boatloads of plastic things to fill with water, and when you’re ready to clean up, the sink in the janitor’s closet has the clay trap so that you can pour your wash water there.

How to clean DMS Ceramics Committee? Please see attached.

How to Clean DMS Fired Arts


Remember to leave a clean area for your fellow potters and that includes cleaning up the wheel, sweeping the floor, putting things away and cleaning up the table.

Future Projects

  • Stained Glass
  • Handbuilt Pottery/Throwing
  • Glaze

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

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