Ceramics Committee Meeting 2021110221

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Time, location

2021-11-02 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room

Ceramics monthly meeting. 11/02/2021 18:30 Call in Or open Meet and enter this code: cpk-mzbp-yqd

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709 P DID NOT HAVE A LAPTOP AVAILABLE FOR CALL INS

Call to order: 18:30











Item 1: Do we extend kiln link--Anette

Item 2: Need sgraffito tools--Beth

Item 3: Should we try different brand of kiln shelves--Kendra

Item 4: Classes

Item 5: Vote for chair

Item 6: Item 7: Item 8: Item 9: Item 10: Item 11: Item 12: Item 13:

(Discussion Item 1)

Renewing Extended Kiln Link---Motioned by Chris...Second by Beth...6 yea's

(Discusssion Item 2)

Beth wants to teach a sgraffito class, but tools are needed. Voted for $50 for sgraffito tools...6 yea's

(Discussion Item 3)

Kendra...since a lot of glaze drips on kiln shelves...and kiln team having to clean up these shelves...there are shelves out there called "Advancers"...should we give them a try? Kendra will do the research and bring to next meeting.

(Discussion Item 4)

Classes coming up...sgraffito by Beth....Bri will put up some Ceramic 100's....Kendra will talk to Justin to get a video made of 100.

(Discussion Item 5)

Vote for Ceramic chair...Bri voted in with 6 votes.

(Discussion Item 6)

(Discussion Item 7)

(Discussion Item 8)

(Discussion Item 9)

(Discussion Item 10)

(Discussion Item 11)

(Discussion Item 12)

(Discussion Item 13)

Meeting Adjourned at 19:20