Board of Directors Meeting 20120219

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

15:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes

Previous minutes

Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the Talk Page or mailing list. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Formation of the Bio Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the Bio Committee

Formation of the Amateur Radio Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the Amateur Radio Committee

Formation of the AV Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the AV Committee

Formation of the Warehouse Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the Warehouse Committee

Formation of the Electronics Robotics Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the Electronics Robotics Committee

Formation of the Craft Room Committee

Committees must be formed by the Board of Directors per our Bylaws

Proposed Solution

Form the Craft Room Committee

Change Of Procedure

As voted, the board loosely operates under MIBS SRC3 format. While this format is good, it is not directly suited for the Dallas Makerspace.

Proposed Solution

Change to the Modified SRC3 format for all board and member meetings.

Standing Rule Change

A minor change to the standing rules needs to be made to accommodate a change in how the wiki is setup.

Proposed Solution

Modify Committees Rule #7-4 to say:

4. The template: {{Proposed Committee}}

Contract With DPRG For Use Of Space

We need to have a formal contract with the DPRG for use of the space, which clearly outlines what they receive in exchange for their $200/mo.

Proposed Solution

Authorize the following contract, File:Contract For DPRG Use of Dallas Makerspace Facilities.odt. Andrew has spoken with Paul Bouchier (former DPRG President) and Jason Henriksen (current DPRG President) and hashed out this contract with them.

Schedule of Official Meetings

Some members have requested that we change the official membership meetings to a longer internal, such as quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Our Bylaws require at least an annual meeting of the membership.

Proposed Solution

Schedule official meetings to be semi-annual, with the first on March 8th of 2012 (and every 2nd Thursday of March from then on) and the next being on the 2nd Thursday of September (for this year and each subsequent year).

Schedule of Non-Official Meetings

Some members have requested that we continue to use Thursday night as the social/meetup night, and have non-official meetings less frequently.

Proposed Solution

Continue to keep Thursday as our open-house/meetup night, and hold non-official meetings every 2nd and 4th Thursday. This reduced frequency of the non-official meetings will allow members who can't make it out each Thursday to know which meetings to attend. This should allow for more members to be present for discussions, as well as keep the meeting interesting as project updates and other information will be less granular (e.g. "I have done this-one-thing" vs "I have done this, this and this.".

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business

These are the issues from the consent agenda that were pulled out for discussion. In a perfect meeting, there is no new business.

Funding Electronics Workbenches

The Electronics and Robotics room needs workbenches to better organize and utalize the space. Original intent was to build benches for ourselves however this has been delayed and some good benches at reasonable prices have become available [1]. These benches come second hand with a member of the proposed electronics and robotics committee, David, having looked them over in person. Ideally we would like 2 of these workbenches for the room.

Proposed Solution

  1. Purchase outright - Board could allocate $350 or $700 for purchase of the workbenches
  2. Match Donations - Board could allocate up to $350 in matching donations for the purchase


Draft Minutes

Note: The draft version of meeting minutes go here first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the minutes section.

Sunday 2-19-2012 3:15pm

pulling DPRG contract & meeting structure out of the consensus agenda

minutes are radified for previous meeting

Nicole & Peter calling in

No question for Finance No questions for PR Security committee on processes happening currently

Change of procedure discussion:

Objections: no discussion allowed with face time, only online discussion format is not at all used currently, thusly should not be forced.

Point: Wanting smaller issues resolved before the borard level, taken through comittees, wiki, email, etc. SRC3 does allow for discussion, Paul motions for table pending explanation to memership of the SRC format Action item tabled insert: clarification of the process of approval for the consent agenda

DPRG use contract discussion

Objection over contract: wording of Access Periods and Use wording expresses ability of DPRG to expell any DMS member or any other at given periods for certain times

Fix: changing the wording to "priority use" or other such wording

Current priority rules will be explained and discussed with membership so that process is more transparent

Vote: unianimous approvl of word changing

DPRG seeking more claification on contract points:

  1. components are joint shared components - answer is in contract & clarified with board members.
    • clarification reached - parts are generally not sold, especially not with DPRG labels
  2. use of location of base for mail, as well as difference between other non-member groups
    • issue clarified with DPRG in regards to access.
  3. Proof of liability insurance to DPRG membership
    • a copy will be provided to DPRG membership

Leland asked for break to get a Shiner Blond. He's now taking cap off. Leland is repremanded for not recycling bottle cap.

Andrew proposes to approve contract as amended Vote: 4 yay - Nicole Absent

Annual meetings pulled for discussion

Topic: Electronics workbenches $350 matching funds to purchase workbenches proposed

Vote: up to $350 matching funds for 2 work benches for the electronics room. Nicole - absent Yay - 4

Laser Cutter: issue: people monoloplizing computer for laser cutter for design, not just cutting. also remind members that the machine is NOT a DMS owned item, owner gets priority

fix: remind members this is NOT a DMS owned item. Remind people to be courteous of others using the laser remind members to do design their objects BEFORE coming to the space. It is NOT a space to fully sit and design. It is purely for end result use.

Camera use recommended so people can check t see if the last is in use. Andrew to send out clarification on above items for laser useage.

Paul W. notes that the Space does need to move on a Space owned laser cutter.

Annual Meeting issue/clarification:

Wanting a change to quarterly meetings, not semi-annual. or just annual. Tabled pending member input & vote of changing meetings

Andrew moves to closing meeting Closed 4:35