Laser Committee Meeting Minutes 20190804

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Laser Committee Meeting August 4, 2019

  • Authorized to buy computers for the lasers - intend to order new computers today
  • Discussion of Laser Classes - Not being taught at the moment.
    • Need to re-vamp how classes are being taught, and purge/re-build list of authorized teachers
    • discussion of class fees/incentive to teach
  • Expansion wants a new layout
    • 2 big thunders + 3 smaller machines
    • focus on ventilation, power is easy to do later
  • Software issues:
    • Lightburn should be functional on Donner and Big Thunder - will be confirmed today
    • workaround for RDWorks- AI
      • can export Vectors from RDWORKS to AI
      • Lightburn can export AI, DXF, SVG