Laser Committee Meeting Minutes 05192019

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Special Meeting for Laser Chair Election 5/19/19


  • Andrew K @sixvolts
  • Ali M @skwurl
  • Michael B @michaelb
  • David Sommers @pinewoodnut
  • Merissa Green @merissa
  • David C

Attendee sign-in sheet originals are stored in the black cabinet in the committee space in the blue clipboard


  • waiting until 1:10 for attendees
  • Merissa nominates Andrew Kongs for laser chair, Michael seconds
  • six votes for, zero against. Andrew has been re-elected as chair.

  • David Sommers proposes buying five computers to homogenize the laser machines
    • Andrew Proposes $1000 each maximum for a total $5000 for computers
    • Ali seconds the proposal
    • six votes for, zero against, motion passes.

  • discussion of blast gates for exhaust system
    • need to investigate the size of the ducting on the thunder machines
    • will order an electric blast gate

  • David requests white lithium grease for rails

  • Andrew will order more lenses. Will buy 10 from Cloud Ray and 10 GaAsSe from Ali Express

  • Merissa will post maintenance day meetings to the calendar for the 1st Sunday
    • @11:00-12:00 for meeting
    • @12:00-2:00 for cleaning day

  • Meeting Adjourned at 1:41PM