Laser Committee Meeting Minutes 20191123

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For the Talking

- David Shannon

- Brad Ramsey

- Matt Hawes

- Stephanie Webb

- Scott Blevins

- Doug Emes

- Michael Bayern

For the Cleaning

- Judy Kriehn

- Angela (who's awesome, but I didn't get her name!)

- All the above

Approve up to $350 to purchase stepper drivers to repair existing rotaries.

 - All in Favor (7)

Approve up to $600 to purchase dampers and a new ventilation control system.

 - All in Favor (7)

Approve up to $500 to purchase a new TV for the area.

 - All in Favor (7)

Items of note, but not voted on

New scrap rules, all scrap must either:

  - Have solid area larger than 8"x8"
  - Fit inside a dedicated 'test piece' bin

We'll post these rules and a 'scrap gauge' near both scrap areas soon.

We're researching the purchase of an approx 12"x24" US Made, RF Tube-based laser.

We're in initial discussions of moving Laser 101 to an online class, with some sort of in person checkout or project requirement.

We would like to reorganize the committee area for better usability. Access to cabinets is difficult for example.

We hope to use the new ventilation system to better track per-machine usage. Concerns were raised the Big Thunder sees significantly more usage. We would like to encourage people to reserve Big Thunder for projects where its size is needed.