Dye Sublimation SIG Meeting 20190928

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[Dye Sub SIG Meeting]

Talk Thread

Dye Sub SIG Meeting 9/28/19 at 4:30pm


In Person:

  • Cary Fleming – SIG Leader
  • Doug Emes
  • Mary Mathias
  • Sonya Pickings


Cary is willing to stay on as SIG leader.
We would like to purchase a JTrans JTSB06-6 mug press. Retail $699 from Sublimation 101. Can get better price at tradeshows October 4-6, 2019 or March 12-14, 2020. This would make it easier to get people be successful decorating mugs, without some of the failures experienced using the mug wraps with the 3D press. This mug press will allow us to decorate shot glasses, 3 oz. mugs, 6-10 oz. mugs, 11-15 oz. mugs, 12 oz. latte mugs, and 17 oz. mugs.

We need to order more slate coasters for Dye Sub 101 classes. JPPlus has them for $1.69 each. (CAF - I've discovered that the $1.69 slates at JPPlus are NOT the dye sub compatible ones; those are $2.78 each.) Cary is going to try to get some donated at the upcoming tradeshow, but not a guarantee. SIG has decided to only stock slate coasters, not plates for 3D vacuum press demos during Dye Sub 101.

Dye Sub 101 is going well. If we have 3 attendees, the fees for the class more than cover the expenses of the class. We could use a few more people teaching them consistently.

Cary and Doug are going to work on creating a collection of refresher videos for using the heat presses, and link them on the wiki.

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