Embroidery Class Curriculum

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This is a working page to develop a curriculum for classes on the CNC embroidery machine donated by Rebecca and Michael Lass.


Doug Emes has volunteered to train himself and run classes. Haley Moore has volunteered to be a second trainer. Chris Marlowe has also volunteered to teach classes on using the machine


The machine is a Babylock Ellure ESL, which will be fitted with custom software and a card writer to allow it to use custom designs using SewArt Digitizer.


Machine Basics

  1. Setting up and threading the machine
  2. Securing your fabric in the hoop
  3. Loading and starting a job
  4. Changing thread colors

Custom Designs

  1. Creating a design for SewArt
  2. Importing your design
  3. Choosing thread colors
  4. Exporting your design to the machine


Initial class fee and a fee for material use.