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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Computer Committee strives to provide a STEM pilot program for learning hands on about the whole computer from hardware to software and networking. Computing is more than a career or science; its a way of life. For that VCC provides the tools, labs, and opportunities for makers to build amazing things with Blockchain, Data science, Docker, DevOps, AI, Programming, and general hacking topics from gaming, case modding, home labs, and information security.

Computer Committee Labs and Knowledge base articles can be found on talk and Hackaday. Orientation classes are held regularly twice a month with office hours every wednesday and committee meetings are held on third Wednesday of the month. The committee also holds regular CompTIA prep classes, Programming Classes, Hackathons, Start-Up Accelerator, Lan Parties, and Capture the Flag events all of which are posted to the Dallas Makerspace Calendar.

We’ll welcome any topic and subject, so if there’s a technology, programming, or infosec class or lecture one not already at the space the be sure to contact the committee and we’ll work with everyone to make sure its available.

STEM Pilot program

Many of our members grew up programming or where influential in its early days. Thus wishing to pass on the knowledge and history of computing to the newest generation of "hackers', makers, and generally anyone interested in computers and the internet before the "grey beards" knowledge becomes completely lost to us all.

In achieving this goal VCC oversees the Interactive Computer Museum, offers programming and networking courses, with a partnership with the Afterschool alliance, Home U.S. Department of Education, and Texas Board of Education to provide an official STEM pilot program at the Dallas Makerspace for students aged 16 to post collage.

The VCC Committee also works with, Jason Scott, Vintage Computer Federation, and Computer History Museum to help with digital archiving of historical software, rare industry materials (ie schematics, internal manual, etc.), commercial literature, and educational material.

Hosted SIG




Interactive Computer Policies

  • Please inform the Committee Chair if any of the equipment is in disrepair.
  • DO NOT move the Interactive Computers or related media from Interactive Computer Museum.
  • The VCC Interactive Computer accessories do not leave the Interactive Computer Museum.
  • Keep the Interactive Computers and accessories in good condition. Clean and keep clear of debris if necessary.
  • Due of the equipment expense and rarity of items, any negligence may lead to temporary suspension.







Talk Computer Committee Group

How To Join

  • Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page and announce yourself on talk
  • Attend the Committee Meetings


Meeting Minutes






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