Computer Committee Meeting 20190619

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VCC Computer Committee Meeting 20180619, 19:00

Time, location

20180619 (19:00), Via Discord and common room near the museum

Meeting adjourned at approximately HH:MM

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Meeting started 20:00PM

Prior Minutes


Financial Statement

SIG Report

Civic Hacking

Interactive Computer Museum

- Museum is to be packed, dusted, and cleaned for move out to 102 location

- XM Core BBS has fidonet uplinks and usenet, pop3 access hass be turned so anyone can access

 from any location even if telnet or website is unavailable by corporate firewalls.
STEM Pilot Program report

- A teach the teacher class is being moved to google classrooms

- The community grid now has auto scaling features and two new nodes added into the cluster.

- CTF is blocked by bugs. Need volunteers to code.


  • SIG Goals for Q3 2019.
    • Due by next committee meeting
  • Acquiring DMS Storage for the committee
    • submit budget for storage with board.
  • Committee Project clean up mm and calendar
  • SDC wishes to merge with VCC