Computer Committee Meeting 20190619

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VCC Computer Committee Meeting 20180619, 19:00

Time, location

20180619 (19:00), Via Discord and common room near the museum

Meeting adjourned at approximately 19:40

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In attendance: (2 attendees) Doug Emes Dwight Spencer

Meeting started 20:00PM

Prior Minutes


Financial Statement

SIG Report

Civic Hacking
 - Jupyter notebook on the community grid has been offline. Volunteers needed to fix traefic and websockets.

Interactive Computer Museum

- Museum Moved over but waiting for network drops and power. - MAME cabinet project has supplies and scheduled for the last weekend of 06/2019.

- XM Core BBS has fidonet areas have been expanded. NNTP access to these areas are underway. - Videos on Fidonet to be created and posted to youtube and talk.


Thanks to dataforge to rebooting their UUCP tier 1 nodes. VCC is getting provisioned access to UUCPNET. We'll use this for the pdp-11(sys-v) instances on the communitygrid for mail, news, listserv, fidonet, and basic/pascal/fortran programs. This will also be used to interact with the computer museum in Seattle (sdf!) and as part of a whitepaper the committee will be publishing in 2600 on darknets.

STEM Pilot Program report

- CTF is is the next focus for rounds of repairs. - MHL Intro to Docker is next on the calendar :

Crypto Sig

Looking for presenters and talks. July is the next one and we're scheduled for a roundtable with an intro to blockchain until we can get some lectures.

DevOps leadership

- Classes are going up for July on how to use a CICD, github, and deploy to a docker cluster.
- Classes are in the works for ansible.


 - Updates
 - Scheduling Locksport class
 * ANSI Art displays for museum
   As a committee we have been in contact with a few ANSI artests to display thier work in the museum. As such we'll be setting up a few large monitors on the wall to display the art.
   Project thread
 * Hack this payphone
   For a fun project we've been working on getting a payphone operational. The mounting bracket has came in and we're needing to get this on the wall. Once mounted users will be able to bluebox/redbox the 
   phone, dial out to other bbs's and even make calls.
   Project thread

General discussions are held at and