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OpenStack is open source software to build private and public clouds. There are three main components:

  • OpenStack Compute (nova): Provision and manage large networks of virtual machines
  • OpenStack Object Store (swift): Create petabytes of secure, reliable storage using standard hardware
  • OpenStack Image Service (glance): Catalog and manage massive libraries of server images

Project Goal

To build small, production ready (or near production ready) OpenStack compute and storage clusters using low cost, off-the-shelf hardware. Initially the project will have only one availability zone, but should be designed with future expansion in mind.


This project currently involves the following members:


The design is currently in a state of flux, please contact Andrew or Bryan for more info. The general idea is to fit 2 to 4 small (micro ATX or mini ITX) systems in 2u cases. For networking we will primarily use gigabit ethernet due to cost, however some parts of the infrastructure may use bonded GigE NICs. Our currently philosophy on redundancy is to protect objects stored in swift at all costs, as it will be used for static data and VM backups/images. While live migration and automatic failover of VMs between compute-nodes would be ideal, our requirements are that a given VM can be restored from a backup stored on the swift cluster in the event of a compute-node or compute-cluster failure.