Hackerspace Meeting 20191016

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Calendar Info



Scheduled Time

19:00 - 20:00

= Meeting Time

Started: 19:34 Ended: 20:09


North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes

Computer Committee Meeting 20190919


  1. Update everyone on the status of the Hackathon.
    1. Funding
    2. Date
    3. Fast Enforcer (example project)
  2. Update status on all previous action items.


 - @denzuko - Vice-Chair
 - @patrickpleez1
 - @mizgeek



  - Committee funding via retro swap meet was a success. Grossed ~$200
  - Patreon support - $0 income ( supporters waiting for new content for $50 income when content released )
  - Classes - Unreported from Painting class

Museum status

  - Late 90's theme with Amiga and Apple
  - Does it go?

= votes to keep

  - Patrick abstain
  - Mizgeek keep
  - Denzuko keep
  Motion to keep museum: pass.
  Motion to do apple theme: pass.

Hack-a-thon status

  - trello link goes here...

Hacktoberfest CTF

  - Game plans are under way and calendar event goes up for the third friday of the month.