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Ever wanted to learn how to code? Want to think like a programmer? Have a project you want to build but have no way to create the logic or make it actually work? Come learn some of the basics of python development!

Python is probably the easiest programming language to learn. With an approachable human syntax and simple-to-implement functionality, python is a go-to language for both beginners and novices alike.

This class will cover some of the basics of Python including:

1. How to use the python console and print commands. 2. What variables are and how to store things in memory. 3. What loops and conditionals are and some real life examples of how they are useful. 4. What is a library and how to use one?

Programming can seem like a formidable task but we will learn how to make it easy with Python and some friends! Don't let a lack of experience dissuade you, there are eight year olds building amazing things in python everyday, you certainly can too!



* Adnan
* Dwight S.
* John T.
* Ebony
* Bill Gee


Jupyter Notebook (a python IDE online) via the Community Grid -