Computer Committee Meeting 20161014

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Computer Committee Meeting 20161014, 18:30

Time, location

18:30(6:30PM), Dallas Makerspace [Purple Classroom]


Dallas Makerspace Vintage Computer Committee Meeting notes ; October 14, 2016

In attendance: (## attendees)
* Dwight Spencer
* Lisa Selk
* Bill Gee

Meeting started 06:45PM

***Prior Minutes***
-Prior minutes passed

*** Financial Statement ***

***Interactive Computer Museum report***

*** Consent Agenda***
All items discussed as new business

***Agenda (posted by chairman at meeting)***
  Interactive Computer Museum Display Design
     Use 1/4" acrylic to make a sign
     Bill G will do lazor cutting of sign
     Dwight S. Will design a sign in the style of 80's tandy storefronts
     Sign denotes display items are free to use
     Should be flash but tasteful

       - Have external individual create display
       - Keep current desk
       - Buy

     Rodney(rablack97) has volunteered to do cnc routing

  Chairman Elections
   - Dwight Spencer was nominated
   - Two absentee votes for Dwight Spencer
      - Mitch Cerroni
      - Draco
   - Two votes for Dwight Spencer
      - Bill Gee
      - Lisa Selk

  Proposed classes/meetings
    - BASIC
    - Microprocessor design
    - Building a vintage computer
    Classes will need a syllabus on the wiki and will be discussed doing the next meeting.

  Proposed Special Interest Groups

    * Input device interest group ( 
      Unanimous agreement, with stipulation that there is a once a month class held by the Input Device SIG.


  - Create a poll for favorite apple II game
  - pitch as "bring back the memories"
    Motion:  "Make Vintage Computer Committee (1) a Benevolent dictatorship, or (2) run by consensus"
    After discussion, vote taken by show of hands with unanimous vote in favor of Vintage Computer Committee run as Benevolent dictatorship

Meeting adjourned at approximately 07:51PM