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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

Overview of GlassWorks

Teaching people to work and create art with glass: Lampwork, Glass Fusion, and Stained Glass in particular.


The GlassWorks Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • To foster and encourage a love and appreciation of using one's hands to create art.
  • To provide demonstrations on a recurring basis of basic crafting techniques including ... and more.
  • Curate a gallery of makerspace member artworks/creations hung on empty walls and doors throughout the makerspace.


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How To Join

  1. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page.



The Talk Forum


  • Anita Willis (Head Instructor)
  • Anne Gullet
  • Amanda Reznicek
  • Beth Appelton
  • john a. gorman
  • Diana Rhodes



Consumables & Consumables Fees


Standing Rules & Guidelines (updated 6/17/2019)

Working on glass projects in the Glassworks space any time is encouraged

  • The glass in the space is for class use only at this time
    • there are plans to offer scrap glass for stain and mosaic use for a small donation, but none exist as yet
  • Hand cutting glass is allowed any time
    • There are tools in the cabinet under the microwave
  • The nearest sink has no trap (will in near future) and must not be used for rinsing glass
    • Rinse any glass in the utility sink near the restrooms of the South end classrooms area

  • All Glass power equipment is training required
  • There are only 2 functional electrical outlets in the Glasssworking area presently, with none for the saws and grinders
    • Safety classes for this equipment will be posted to the calendar as soon as the electricity is installed
    • The 1 extension cord near the microwaves must be unplugged after it is used (this is true of all extension cords throughout DMS to comply with Fire & Safety codes)

Committee meetings

@meanbaby Sep '18 GlassWorks Committee meeting 9/7/2018

There was 8 in attendance

The vote was unanimous for Anita Willis to be the chair. 8 person attendance votes, and 2 proxy votes.

We have started to define our department rules. The first item discussed was children participating in the Glassworks space. It was agreed by all present Unless specified otherwise in a project class, persons under 16 years old may not cut glass or operate equipment in the GlassWorks space.

Persons 16 years old, or older may operate the grinders, saws, sanders, and cut glass with an adult actively involved with their project, after they both have completed the GlassWorks 101 class. A 16 years may not operate the equipment If the adult is not standing with them supervising while they use the equipment. A distracted parent working on a different project while the child is working with the equipment or cutting glass is not acceptable.

Kiln operation is 18 years old and above.

Persons abusing the equipment or not cleaning their work space will receive 1 verbal warning, the 2 nd offense they will be band from this space until they retake the GlassWorks 101 class. The committee will define a 3rd offense at the next meeting.

The floor plan was distributed again for the committee to review. Everyone in attendance agreed 1 kiln, work tables, chairs, and 2 equipment tables, and rolling table for the microwaves and 2 cabinets could be purchased as soon as we have a move in date. We are now looking at the best value in pricing and quality for these items. It was discussed instead of one long table for the equipment that 2 tables would be better. It was agreed by all present this would made the equipment tables more flexible for our space needs.

Anita Willis will get things started for the Open House Demo, then the vice chair Diane Rhodes will be in charge of the Open House display and microwave demo’s Please keep an eye on talk, we will be asking for volunteers to help. A day will be scheduled for volunteers to prepare glass pendants to be fired in the microwave kilns for this event, and people to man our tables in the Interactive room during the event.

It was approved in our last meeting and lightly discussed in this meeting, Once we have our space 101 Glassworks class is a required class to be able to use our space. This class will be detailed, all students will hand cut glass, and cut glass with the equipment. This will be similar to the 101 Woodshop class. The class will also be emphasizing Clean up procedures, and personal safety protection. Classes have already landed on the calendar so our makers will be ready to start making once we have our space. The committee also agreed in our last meeting, a list of persons that have taken the class be displayed within the space. If your name is not listed as completed the full class you may not use the equipment. We will be defining this more at our next meeting.

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