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GlassWorks Committee Meeting Notes 2019.04.17

9 in attendance:

  • Anita Willis - Chair
  • Diana Rhodes - Vice Chair
  • April
  • Jim
  • Bill Gee
  • Jennifer
  • Julie Harris +1
  • john a. gorman

  • The items discussed:

    1. The 2 equipment tables and 2 front open cabinets are on order. Until they arrive and assembled, 3D fab is loaning us 2 tables, I will try to round up a couple hard chairs or stools to hold us over until some are purchased. (Glass may get into a fabric-based chairs)

    2. Pat O'Brien and Jimmie Arledge will be trying to get our tables out of storage on Pat’s truck, weather and their schedules permitting. We will still need to get misc. boxed items, glass, and the giant glass cabinet out of storage. (this thing is a giant piece of furniture made to store sheet glass)

    3. The giant glass cabinet is planned to be used for class glass storage. The top this cabinet maybe adjusted to put class projects on when a kiln is unloaded, also to hold class project until they are picked up. this is subject to change if wesee different need for this cabinet.

    4. We will remain having project classes until the space is fully functional.

    5. We received a donation of a large light table this will be a great benefit for sorting glass colors, and the Stain Glass projects.

    6. Since we are on limited power at this time. Our furniture will be temporarily installed in our space based on how much it will be used and size. Everything is subject to change.

    7. There was an issue with checking out our account funds online. John G will contact the bookkeeper, investigate and provide the total amount very soon. The last time we checked it was around $4000.00.

    After the meeting several people stayed to move our 2 onsite kilns out of ceramics and into the new space. YEA! Go Glass!

    Action items

    Follow up-

    We need to check with Chris Marlow in reference to 2 table tops that were offered to us and being held until the expansion completion.

    The Jewelry Dept also should be holding a table for us.

    We need volunteers for new cabinet assembly

    Microwave cabinets move to our new space, temporarily at wall by kitchen as soon as possible.

    Talk to Joseph Jewelry chair about the loan of his personal buffers with built in vacuum and investigate if we have space for this. We will review info at next nmeeting


    The Lamping area will be on hold temporary. Until the vent system and table is installed. We are trying to get a large table out of storage to see if it will be suitable for a Lamping/Stain glass table. If this will not work Chuck B and Jimmy A are on standby to build a 4x8 at a cost of $200.00 to $250.00.

    We will be holding off moving boxes and small items into the Glass Dept until we have the cabinets, racks, and tables to store the items. This will prevent boxes from being set all over the floor in our new area.

    A Unanimous vote was received to purchase -Purchasing glass nippers, stain glass scissors, paper towel holders, roll holder for fire paper, and good vacuum, 2 bakers racks, Stain glass copper foil. And up to $500.00 bulk purchase on COE 90 glass for upcoming class. There will be a class fee charge to help restock our class glass.

    A unanimous vote was received to provide copper folder, solder, solder irons, and scrap stain glass left over from classes for makers to use for a small donation. The space for the items, and a donation box will be determined at a later date. This will be like what we offer for the microwave fusing and is intended for small osite projects.

    Unanimous vote to not accept Kris Andersons kiln in the Metal, after discussing the pros and cons.

    It is my understanding that all sinks in the new space will have filter traps on them. The sink just outside our area, printmaking is going to supply a double sink to better fit their needs. Cleaning up the sink area will be added to the Equipment class to help insure the are is kept clean.

    Wish list

    I would like to add to the monthly committee meeting our Makers Wish List . If there is some equipment you would like to see added to our dept, please bring all info and pricing so we discuss how this may benefit the dept, how will we fund the purchase. And take a vote on the purchase.

    April Wish list items -

    John G will be gathering info on an amazing 2" x 72" belt sander

    Jen G would like a Dremel station with a Dremel drill press. Foredom were also mentioned as a heavy duty alternative.

    Anita W – would like a large drill press and large diamond circle bits.

    Pricing will be gathered, space requirement evaluated after we get more settled, Funding the items, and a vote taken on the April Wish list at our next meeting.

    There is a lot of misinformation out there, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns @meanbaby on Talk.

    Thank you,

    Anita Willis