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GlassWorks meeting notes 3/8/2019

We discussed a POSSIBLE partial move in, hopefully with in 45 days. And the donated table I have accepted. We should have 2 donated table tops

  • 1 table donated by the jewelry dept that we may put a new top on
  • 1 possible table base when we remove the large kiln from its wooden base
  • 1 large table 4x 8 with a built-in light box in storage
  • 1 narrow tall table in storage

Some tables will need legs and some tops, we won’t know until they are completed how tall they will be. We have decided to not buy chairs until we get the tables completed. Also, we will be looking into what style of chairs to purchase. When we move we will have to use the existing electrical so all of our power needs will not be meet until a later wave.

I will be trying to find out what AMP’s the current power socket have. Since they are all on the same wall and not dedicated lines multiple kilns or equipment running at the same will blow them if the Amps are not high enough. Even our microwaves need higher AMP since they are 1100 watts each.

There will be a lot to take into consideration with our move, we may not be able to get to our dept completed for several months to a year. Please be patient and together we will all work on making this happen.

We also discussed all of the colorful stuff being posted on Talk. I believe Talk is a great tool to have for us to share information and techniques. I ask our committee to please check facts before you get involved in the politics.