GlassWorks 20191212

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GlassWorks Committee meeting notes 12/12/2019

2 in attendance Jennifer Goss, Beth Appleton

Topics discussed: 1) Changing Kiln user training requirements: We will develop a single training class to cover fusing basics and kiln use and kiln safety. On completion of this class users will be able to check out a kiln for personal projects. It will be highly encouraged for students to take further project classes to learn how to get the most out of their kiln time.

2) Creating 2 AD lists for approved users: 1 list will be for small kilns and a second list will be for large + small kilns. The small kilns will require a basic fusing class. The large kilns will require and advanced fusing class.

3) Kiln fees: Small kilns will have a fee of $10 per day and the large kiln will have a fee of $20 per day for personal use. No fees will be applied for classes.

4) Small scrap glass fees are lowered to 10cents per square inch

5) Unanimous votes for purchase of a large metal shelving rack that matches the 2 currently in use beside the microwave kilns. This will be used in the warehouse area for storing slumping molds.