GlassWorks 20180702

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Agenda 7/2/2018

Old Business
We will be defining what consumables that will be provided to our members once we receive a space.
Reviewing needed equipment repairs.

New business
• Committee chair vote
• Teachers supply list
• Volunteer purchasing agent keep up with class supplies and consumables.
• Volunteer repair person to spot check equipment for needed bit/blade /belt changes and repairs
• Teacher adding glass cutting to their class, the practice scrap to be added to the community consumables?
• Getting some microwaves purchased when we have funds, and a locking cabinet so classes can start.
• Getting our Teachers ready to teach

• Asking board for Stipend and space funds at next board meeting
• Volunteer persons for misc duties within the glass Dept
• Using class room for microwave fusing after safety class is passed
• Discuss a burn kit and maybe eye was being placed in our dept near the torch table

2nd Microwave demo only