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GlassWorks Committee meeting notes 10/29/2019

6 in attendance Johnny Bluejacket, Beth Appleton, Anita Willis, Becca Dito, Jennifer Goss, Mary Stollon, Jen Emes

1. Election - since we only had 1 candidate Jennifer Goss was elected GlassWorks chair by unanimous vote.

2. Saturday 11/2/19 was set as a work day to get the back slash set up and boxes unpacked. We still need the filter installed to the sink in our area.

3. A unanimous vote was taken to purchase a fire proof storage box up to $350.00 for lamping map gas. We need a lockable, fireproof cabinet so the gas is safe will not disappear

4. A unanimous vote was taken to perchance rubber floor mats for the flooring about the glass cutting equipment. Jen asked teat we wait for the purchase until we see if there is a water issue. the vote was taken so I mat’s do need to be purchased they be immediately if needed.

5. All items for a donation in the glassworks area will be changed from a fee, vote unanimous.

6. We have requested an iPad type station so persons using our space can use a debit credit card or cash box. Install date is pending.

7. Stained Class scrap for sale has been set up and clearly marked. Th price is $1.00 per square inch. this price includes copper foil, flux, and solder, in tool cabinet. Prince will is not adjusted for just glass to keep it simple.

8. New notices have been placed - Glass in large book case cabinet, and next to the micro is for class use only. Glass for sale is clearly marked.

9. Glass /supply fee for all microwave classes has been raised to a min of $5.00. Stain Glass, glass fee will need to model close to what Jen donates to the GlassWorks dept. (she does not use the Honorarium system and give part back to GlassWorks. Teachers may use the Honorarium system If you plan to teach Stained Glass. Please contact her so our teachers are not under cutting each other and GlassWorks is reimbursed for the glass used in class. unanimous vote on class / supply charges.

10. Meeting was lengthy we did not address our boarders or a name of each of our space.

11. New lamping teacher has a chillipeper annealer on loan to GlassWorks, and other equipment and glass. This is currently not for use. This equipment requires training. Lamping classes will start after the washhouse space has had power and ventilation installed, and the area prepared for classes

Thank you Anita Willis.