Photos from our 2nd Annual Open House

Our 2nd annual open house was a huge success and it’s about time we posted some photos. The photo above is a 360 degree panorama shot by Nicole on 35mm film. She also got some cool 360 shots of the main hallway, robots and burgers, and the pinhole camera tutorial. Then you can take a look out our flickr gallery of photos from the event shot by Steve. Members put a lot of work into finishing renovations to the space and getting projects put together for the event. There were arts, crafts, computers, robots, electric cars, 3D printing, and laser cutting; even DIY baked goods and bio projects. The new Mame cabinet and CNC cart were displayed too. We had a bigger turnout than at our first open house, so we know the word continues to spread that Dallas has a hackerspace. If this is the first you’ve heard about us, don’t wait for our next open house; come out and visit us now. We have lots of events happening every week. Check our calendar details.


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