Dallas Makerspace at Art Conspiracy 2011

Since 2005 the annual Art Conspiracy art auction has raised over $110,000 for local nonprofit arts groups like Musical Angels, Resolana, St. Anthony’s School and others. Several Dallas Makerspace members participated in the 2011 ArtCon auction in November. Steve Reeves and Haley Moore were selected as artists and each contributed a piece to the auction. Steve Rainwater served as a volunteer (and photographed the artist’s work day, the art, and the auction). Greg Needel contributed the use of his giant spin-art machine, which you may have seen at our recent open house. The spin-art machine was used by Haley in the creation of her piece, a mixed media creation that also utilized laser cut, heat formed plastic. Steve Reeves piece was a collage created from a series of photographic images on polaroid film. Both pieces did very well in the auction. In 2010, a Dallas Makerspace team participated in the ArtCon SEED auction by building an art clock that attracted one of the highest prices in the auction.


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