Are there additional costs beyond the membership dues?

Some of the equipment, materials, and classes have additional costs. These fees are determined by committee chairs and instructors. We try to keep costs low for our members and cover as much as we can from membership dues.

Will you fix/repair/refurbish/troubleshoot my _______?

This is not what we do but thanks for the vote of confidence! There are likely people around that can help you learn how to fix/repair/refurbish/troubleshoot whatever thing is misbehaving or wreaking havoc but we don’t perform services for customers like you’d expect from typical businesses.

Can I restore my classic car and store it there?

We encourage our members to take on ambitious projects but this is unfortunately too ambitious for our footprint. We have automotive tools and a place to work on vehicles but we don’t have space for members to store vehicles or other large projects for extended periods of time. Vehicle projects and repairs that can be completed in a day or two are the kind of thing we’re able to accommodate.

Do you have internships?

We don’t offer internships, however, there are many learning and volunteering opportunities within the organization on an ongoing basis. The best way to get involved is to get to know the chairpersons and core volunteers and ask what their needs are or ask how you can help. Regardless of what your area of study is, chances are there’s a way for you to contribute to the organization and learn from it.

Can you recommend people for a _______ television show that I'm producing?

Thanks for your interest in the Dallas Makerspace and what’s going on here! Reaching out directly to members is the best way to spread the word about something or find people interested in a specific thing. This can be done by joining and getting to know people. If that’s not an option check out our forum located at talk.dallasmakerspace.org which has many daily active users and registration is open to the public.

Will you partner with me for launching a product or starting a business?

Our members have produced many successful products but we don’t actively partner with anyone to pursue such goals.

Can you help me start a makerspace?

Yes, no, sort of? As an organization we’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to run a makerspace. If you’d like to have conversations and learn about how we function as an organization there are many folks that would be happy to do so. If you’re looking for money, labor, equipment, or other tangible assets you’ll likely have to look elsewhere. Please email img@img or img@img if you’d like to meet with someone to discuss the finer points of running a makerspace. We wish you all the best!

Can I pay you to advertise ______ on your website?

Nope. We accept donations though!

Do you offer corporate memberships or host corporate events?

We tried this for a period of time but it wasn’t a good fit for our culture. We no longer offer corporate memberships and we don’t host corporate events. We encourage you and your employees to come by and checkout the place. You’re definitely welcome as members but it would be as individuals through the same process as any other member.