DMS participates in the RedBull Creation Contest.

You may not have heard, but on July 19th we were one of twelve teams chosen from across the USA to make a project in 72 hours. The teams included i3Detriot, MBLabs, TechShop, 23B Shop, LI4E Makerspace, DesignatedDrinkers, Instructables, Hackaday, Maker Twins, 1.21 Jigawatts, North Street Labs, and Dallas Makerspace. The theme for this year’s competition was “Game of Games”. With just those 3 words we had 72 hours to come up with an interactive game, design and build it. Oh, and it had to work. All while we were being watched live on the Internet.

We came up with what we call the “Dizzy Fling”. The object of the game is to toss balls at the targets in the center of the game field and turn them your color. If your opponent hits one of your illuminated targets it turns their color. The contestant with the most owned targets on the board in 3 rounds wins. The loser spins….



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