Five Cyborgs and Counting – RFID, NFC Implants & Biohacking at Dallas Makerspace!

On September 19th of the Year 2015…
Five Dallas Makerspace members became Cyborgs!



Haley becoming a Cyborg!

Haley becoming a Cyborg!

Watch Mitch transform below!

“I hosted a class at the Dallas Makerspace where we got RFID implants in our hands. We can now unlock the doors at the Makerspace with our hands. Also it did hurt quite a bit, but our body modification professional did a great job.” -Mitch Cerroni

Krissy and Haley share their experience on having a RFID chip implanted.

Total Recall: Addison Tattoo Shop Implants High-Tech Chips in Your Hand

Mitch shared some words of wisdom in the following interview… 

Body Hackers andBioengineers are trying to make DFW a Hub of Implantable Electronics

The next RFID, NFC Implants & Biohacking event at Dallas Makerspace will be on January 23rd 2016 at 11:00 AM!

RFID, NFC Implants & Biohacking
The goal of the class is to learn about RFID/NFC body implants. We will discuss risks and benefits of implanting tags and general body modification questions.

See Eventbrite for more details:


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