The New Face of DMS


L to R: Peter Smith, Nicole Greeley, Leland Flynn, Glenn Pipe, Andrew LeCody
Photograph by Steve Rainwater

The Dallas Makerspace welcomed its new board members last Thursday. Voting was held over a two day period and marked the first official Board of Directors for the Makerspace. The board appointed Andrew LeCody as President, Peter Smith as Secretary, and unanimously voted John Haskins in as the Interim Treasurer.

Currently the board is working on solidifying the Makerspace’s non-profit status, including bylaws and standing rules, as well as heading up the hunt for a new location to house the growing group. The board is eager to see DMS expand and flourish, growing more into its status as a makerspace. This would mean a more focused push for bigger and better tools, a clear and concise plan of action for allocation of space, and stronger promotion. You can find out more about the members by clicking on their names to visit their wiki page where they divulge their interests, current projects, and link to their individual websites.


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