For The Love Of Medium Format


*Photograph by Steve Rainwater

Members of the Dallas Makerspace celebrated 127 Day by taking out their medium format cameras and capturing the world around them. Held on several days throughout the year-December 7th, January 27th and again on July 12 (for those who write their dates flipped)-127 Day is a world wide event that spotlights the 127 film size. Smaller than its brother 120, but larger than 35mm, 127 film was first produced in 1898 on through the late 1920’s. Though not mass produced anymore, photographers can still purchase this film online, typically in black and white only. In 2006 a Canadian company began cutting down bulk rolls of Kodak and Agfa film to fit the format. Rollei also began producing their own line of the film in 2009.*

The Dallas Makerspace members who participated in the January event spent the day shooting a roll that they later developed onsite at the space’s fully functioning darkroom. Their galleries can be located through the following links:

For up and coming photography events check out the DMS Event Calendar. The next major photography event to be held at the space is the gallery showing for Kyle Cassidy’s Leaving Dakota tour on March 11th at 7 pm.

*This information taken from 127 Film Wiki

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  1. steevithak February 23, 2011 Reply

    if you’d like to take park in the next camera holiday, check out our listing of all known camera holidays:

    It’s also available as an iCal feed that you can sync to your Google calendar or other iCal compatible calendar apps:

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