VECTOR Committee Reports 2015 10 15

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Committee Meeting 2015-10-15

Attendees - Nicholas Schell, Shawn Christian, Erik Smith, Chris Carson

Committee Chair nominated: Nicholas Schell by proxy (Jayson Woods, Nick Sainz). No opposing/alternate candidates this term.

New projects begun: Bally Fireball, Gottlieb King Pin, World Cup.

New VECTOR illuminated sign constructed by Nick Sainz.

VECTOR moved to new workshop area. Will continue build-out and begin repair documentation and expanded wiki construction.

Upcoming events which will be attended by VECTOR: Houston Arcade Expo.

DMS open house party on September 12th was a success. VECTOR fielded 10 working machines with an 11th brought by Jim Bu from the pinball community.

Texas Pinball Festival 2016 is approaching fast! We should be able to host approximately 10 completed member projects at the event.