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Welcome to the Pinball photo archive of the Dallas Makerspace - Ladybird Location (Aug 2013-Jun 2014).

High Scores - 2001 (1971 by Gottlieb)

High Score Player Photo
8,959 Nick Dangerous 2001 Nick Dangerous.jpg
7,839 Steve Salis (Guest)
Also earned 5 free games
7,305 Josh McDonald 2001 Josh McDonald.jpg
6,235 Ken Purcell Dms-pinball-2001-6235-kpurcell.jpg
3,628 Joseph Purcell Dms-pinball-2001-6328-jpurcell.jpg

High Scores - Doozie (1968 by Williams)

High Score Player Photo
9,944 Nick Dangerous

"Missed it by *that* much"

Doozie Nick Dangerous.jpg
8,434 Noah Glaser Doozie Noah Glaser.jpg
7,615 Joseph Bright Doozie Joseph Bright.jpg
7,473 Ryan McCutcheon Doozie Ryan McCutcheon.jpg
7,225 Nick Sainz Doozie Nick Sainz.jpg
6,631 anon Dooziepinballscore-anon.jpg
6,524 Jay Woods Doozie Jay Woods.jpg
6,460 Alex Rhodes Doozie Alex Rhodes.jpg
6,266 David Smart Doozie David Smart.jpg
6,136 Steve Adams Doozie Steve Adams.jpg
6,016 James Moffitt Doozie James Moffitt.jpg
6,005 John Kuhlenschmidt Doozie JohnK.jpg
5,984 Coby Almond Doozie Coby Almond.jpg
5,895 Chris Ware 2001 Chris Ware.jpg
5,772 Ken Purcell Dms-pinball-doozy-kpurcell-th.jpg
5,418 Aaron Whitaker Doozie Aaron Whitaker.jpg
5,303 Jerry Kassebaum Doozie Jerry Kassebaum.jpg
5,252 Robert Maki Doozie Robert Maki.jpg
5,192 Brian Smith Doozie Brian Smith.jpg
5,158 Abby Fabulous Doozie Abby.jpg
5,120 Steve Salis (Guest) SteveSalis-Doozy-5120.jpg
5,090 Brian Davis Doozie Brian Davis.jpg
5,052 Robert Brockus Doozie Robert Brockus.jpg
4,972 Lilith Calbridge Doozie Lilith Calbridge.jpg
4,924 Frank Lima Doozie Frank Lima.jpg
4,919 Bryan Lee Doozie Bryan.jpg
4,833 Josh McDonald Doozie Josh McDonald.jpg
4,755 Otto Wagner Doozie Otto Wagner.jpg
4,627 Haley Vingsness Doozie Haley Vingsness.jpg
4,524 Justin Langhorst Doozie Justin Langhorst.jpg
4,401 Johnnie Gorman Doozie Johnnie Gorman.jpg
4,399 Visitor "Streihdog"

(attained in 3-ball mode!)

Doozie Streihdog.jpg
4,279 James Morris Doozie James Morris.jpg
4,167 Andrew Falgout Doozie Andrew Falgout.jpg
4,166 Jirden Ware II Doozie Jirden Ware II.jpg
3,834 Joseph Purcell Dms-pinball-doozy-3834-jpurcell.jpg
3,618 Ali Moharrami Doozie Ali Moharrami.jpg
883 Reece Love Doozie Reece Love.jpg

High Scores - Flipper Fair (1961 by Gottlieb)

High Score Player Photo
9,034 Nick Dangerous Flipper Nick Dangerous.jpg
3,156 Brian Davis Flipper Brian Davis.jpg
2,959 Ken Purcell KenPurcell-FlipperFair-2959.jpg
2,731 Who dis? Flipper clown.jpg

High Scores - Playball (1971 by Gottlieb)

High Score Player Photo
11,380 Nick Dangerous BHKnGD8.jpg
9,894 Nick Sainz

(who is sad about stopping just

short of rolling over the score)

Nick Sainz pinball.jpg
9,051 Benjamin Groves Ben Groves pinball.jpg
8,164 Noah Glaser John Glaser pinball.jpg
7,979 Alex Rhodes Alex Rhodes pinball.jpg
7,890 John Kuhlenschmidt John K pinball.jpg
7,850 Andrew Floyd Andrew Floyd pinball.jpg
7,293 Andrew Falgout Sgyalpil.jpg
7,054 Otto Wagner Otto Wagner pinball.jpg
6,935 Justin Langhorst Justin Langhorst pinball.jpg
6,915 Joseph Bright Joseph Bright pinball.jpg
6,587 Edward Griggs Edward Griggs pinball.jpg
6,476 William Petefish William Petefish pinball.jpg
6,339 Steve Blanchard Steve Blanchard pinball.jpg
6,326 Ken Purcell Pinball-ken-purcell.jpeg
6,316 Eric Riggan Eric Riggan pinball.jpg
5,283 Kent Bowling Kent Bowling pinball.jpg
5,231 Mikel Duke Mikel Duke pinball.jpg
5,057 Betty Sainz Betty Sainz pinball.jpg
4,611 Steve Adams Steve Adams pinball.jpg
4,246 Joseph Purcell Pinball-joseph-purcell.jpeg
3,377 Talan "Talan Blue" Havili 2013-11-16 TalanBlue 3377.jpg
2,911 Evan White 2013-11-16 EvanWhite 2911.jpg

Player Comments - Playball

Nick Sainz:

I love the machine. It has not only a great theme, but a mix of skill and chance. Great work Nick and I hope you fall in love with this machine and never sell it. Thanks for the fun and nostalgia.
Nick Dangerous: Thanks Nick! It took quite a lot of time and effort to restore it. The sides still need some touch-up paint and a new layer of semi-gloss. Also the various dim/flaky bulb sockets will be fixed soon.

Andrew Floyd:

Amen to Mr. Sainz. The machine is like a black hole I love getting sucked into. That said I was at the space around midnight and noticed that the Home Run pocket on the left side didn't seem to be registering. We turned it off after we had finished playing, so hopefully when it is "booted up" again that problem will be non-existent. Just letting the folks in charge know!
(ND's response): Thanks Andrew. I think this was normal behavior. The home run outlanes will not score if the motor is busy handling another event, because the motor can only deal with one "base hit" at a time (listen for the five clicks). So if you score a base hit and then immediately suffer a quick drain on an outlane, it won't have time to register the home run. Ah, the serendipity of pinball!

Lisa Selk:

My grandsons and I had a blast playing pinball here the other night! Many Thanks to Nick Dangerous for sharing his very nicely restored pinball game with the 'Space! :)
Here are some of the boys' fun moments! :)
Thanks again!!! :)
(ND's response): Glad you guys enjoyed it & thanks for the great pics!

Ken Purcell:

We had a wild moment there, my son Joseph runs in and says that the pin rolled over to zero again! All us ran in the room and and was stunned at what we saw. For a few minutes we thought he had a truly amazing score. After Joseph earned another thousand points or so, Nick D. realized the Game Over light was not lit and the pin was no longer tracking the number of balls. We had to let him believe he was a master pinball wizard.
Need to print up a DMS Pinball Trophy with a working light-up backglass. Anyone up for a design challenge?