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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The purpose of DMS PR is to manage the flow of information between DMS to its members and the general public, nurture member relations, increase the visibility of DMS, develop, maintain, promote and protect the DMS brand, outreach/new member acquisition strategies, community strategies, merchandising, volunteer organization, and maintaining corporate relationships.


Dallas Makerspace Public Relations Committee Responsibilities as approved by the Board of Directors Include:

  1. Advertising - Increased public exposure through online and print mediums
  2. Brand Creation - Creating and maintaining a consistent brand throughout all internal/external communications which properly tells our story, message and mission.
  3. Brand Protection - Ensuring the official DMS brand is under the control of the organization and not individuals or other entities.
  4. Campus Beautification - Curating, creating, and maintaining signage, content on common walls, and the ongoing aesthetic improvement to the DMS environment as a whole in a way which is congruent with the brand and overall message of DMS.
  5. Corporate Donation Requests - Organize and facilitate the outreach to corporate entities for equipment and monetary donations
  6. Crisis Communication - Work directly with the board in response (or lack of response) to the public during a possible future crisis situation.
  7. Events - Organize and promote DMS events for both member appreciation and outreach
  8. Expansion Activities - Working with the expansion group to keep members and the public up to date on progress and volunteer ops
  9. Influencer Relations - Developing and maintaining relationships with individuals and organizations who have a substantial audience within the local and/or maker community.
  10. Internal Communications - Organize and facilitate the ongoing communication between DMS and its members.
  11. Journalism - The writing of engaging, informative and relevant content for the website, social media, newsletters, blog, internal communication, and outreach.
  12. Lobby - Enhance the experience of the DMS entryway. Inform, direct traffic, promote member projects and sell DMS merchandise.
  13. Media Training - Oversee training for those who will be in the public eye.
  14. Media/Content - Organization, creation, and the distribution of photo, video, and verbiage
  15. Member Relations - Enhance member experience through communication and engagement for the purpose of member retention and overall maker enjoyment.
  16. Merchandise - Conceive, approve, make, price, promote, sell, and organize all DMS branded merchandise.
  17. Messaging & Positioning - Developing, maintaining and protecting DMS’s image to ensure our mission and objectives are properly heard and understood.
  18. Metrics - Collecting, maintaining and deciphering data to determine which tools, techniques, and formats work best to secure a larger member base and ensure those members have an optimal maker experience.
  19. New Members - Working directly with new members entering in a new environment and a unique culture which is not always easy to assimilate. (This is important enough to be separated from member relations as a whole)
  20. Outreach - Gaining exposure throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area by building relationships, attending/sponsoring events, and becoming actively involved in our community
  21. Press - Collaborating with board members and key figures within DMS to write, produce and distribute interactions with media outlets, presentations, and ongoing press releases.
  22. Public Inquiry - Establishing the proper method to respond to various information requests
  23. Public Strategies - Develop approaches to public interaction and recruitment
  24. Social Media - Setup and maintain the official DMS Social Media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and our Wordpress Blog.
  25. Tours - The organization and facilitation of tours on a weekly basis
  26. Volunteers - Encouraging, promoting, and organizing DMS volunteer support
  27. Website content - Publicly accessible domain (main website, blog, forums, wiki, etc.) While Infrastructure is responsible for website infrastructure, (ie: hosting, software, and updates) PR maintains the content (ie: theme, verbiage, and media) in a way which is congruent with the brand and overall message of DMS.

Special Interest Groups Content SIG Leader: TBA Content SIG Leader: TBA

Branding/Marketing/Advertising SIG Leader: Michael Smith

DMS PSA SIG Leader: Stephenie Webb

Events SIG Leader: Nicole Franczvai

Merchandise SIG Leader: Musashi

Outreach SIG Leader: Richard Martin

Social Media SIG Leader: Shua Qwon

Tours SIG Leader: Bruce Mihura

Volunteers SIG Leader: john a. Gorman

Writers Copy SIG Leader: Chris Williams

YouTube Production SIG Leader: Adnan Chahbandar


  • Andrew Barroso @anonymous_bosh (Co-Chair)
  • JJ Perry @apparently_weird (Co-Chair)
  • Michelle Noble @noblegoblin (Vice-Chair)
  • Michael Smith (Branding Marketing Advertising SIG leader)
  • Nicole Franczvai (Events SIG leader, Social Media)
  • Musashi (Merchandise SIG leader)
  • Richard Martin (Outreach SIG leader)
  • Shua Qwon (Social Media SIG leader)
  • Bruce Mihura @bmihura (Tours SIG leader)
  • john a. gorman (Volunteers SIG leader)
  • Chris Williams @Christopher_Williams (Writers SIG leader)
  • Adnan Chahbandar @thespacemaker (YouTube Production SIG leader)
  • Josh Melnick @Josh_Melnick (Social Media, YouTube Production)
  • Diana Rhodes @dianarhodes (Tours)
  • David Groce @davyg3 (Tours)
  • John Thummel @Narkane (Tours)
  • Chuck Graff @dallasmagna (Tours)
  • Kris Anderson @Kriskat30 (Member Relations)
  • Draco @Draco (Campus Beautification)
  • Cairenn Day @Cairenn_Day (General Council)
  • Mell Rhodes @MellissaRhodes (Writers)
  • Adam Oas @Adam_Oas (Legacy Advisor)
  • Pasha Mad @pashamadart87 (Campus Beautification, YouTube Production)
  • Ryan McCutcheon @JRyan_Artist (Branding, Campus Beautification)
  • Natcha (Outreach)
  • Tanner Fontenot (Tours)
  • Bobby Price (Volunteers)
  • Hannah Zipper (Social Media, Branding, Campus Beautification)
  • Haylee Button (Social Media, Branding, Campus Beautification)
  • Ryan Kent (Campus Beautification)
  • Morgan Kent (Outreach)
  • Lynsey Ditmore (Outreach, Tours)
  • Heather Amaral (Merchandise)
  • James Henningson @mrjimmy (Unassigned)
  • Amanda Sweet (Unassigned)
  • Coulson Mullen @Coul (Unassigned)
  • Serena Nguyen (Unassigned)
  • Jason Zimmerman (YouTube Production)
  • Tony (
  • Ian Seamans @sherlockiain (Wiki Lead)
  • Daryl Barth (Outreach YouTube Production)
  • Cliff Fielding

All volunteer contributions and content submitted to Dallas Makerspace PR will be licensed CC BY.

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How To Join

  1. email [email protected]
  2. contact @anonymous_bosh or @apparently_weird on talk or in person


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