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We need to get the word out about the makerspace, so we're planning to put up flyers around town and contacting other groups.

Online Groups Connected To Dallas Makerspace

Dallas Makerspace Creative Arts

  • Dallas Makerspace Sew and Sews
  • Dallas Makerspace Fiberholics

  • Cosplay Dallas Makerspace
  • Dallas Makerspace
  • Dallas Makers
  • Dallas Makerspace VECTOR Committee
  • Dallas Makerspace Fired Arts
  • Dallas Makerspace Jewelry and Small Metals
  • Dallas Makerspace Digital Media Committee
  • 3D Fab at Dallas Makerspace

Community Participation

We should offer presentations at the meetings of other community groups and be prepared to do joint projects with other groups in our community. Joint projects are a great way to benefit both groups while getting good publicity.

Groups for potential presentations

  • PechaKucha - 20x20 mini presentations: last 20 seconds and includes 20 images. Presentations must be about something a person or group has created or made (this is ideal for a maker space!)
  • Ignite Dallas - 5x20: last 5 minutes and includes 20 images. This is sort of a commercial version of the community-based Pecha-Kucha. We were turned down for a presentation on the Makerspace itself but they indicated they might a accept presentation about one of our projects.
  • Spark Club - mostly for social entreprenuerial networking among community leaders but there are usually one or two presentations at each meeting from a community group.
  • TEDxSMU - 3 to 18 minutes slots available. Our presentation should be on a project not about our group itself. [must be nominated]. This is our local TED, a very high profile event based around the idea of world-changing innovation.

Groups for potential joint projects

  • La Reunion - we've already done a Noise Boundary performance for them and there is a standing offer to construct a combination pond aerator / kinetic art device for their site.

Community Events

  • Earth Day 2010 - A variety of local events centered around Earth Day.

Local Groups

Local Online Groups

Worldwide Online Groups

General Community Contact

  • Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shops
    • Jimmy Johns, Deep Ellum

Local Media

University/Educational Bulletin Boards

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