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Current Flyers/Posters

New Tear-Off Flyer with Logo and QR Code

Printable file: File:DMS Flyer Tear-Offs LOGO and QRCode.pdf

Original Tear-Off Flyer

Printable file: File:Ed-Dms-1.pdf

WiFi Posters

Dallas Makerspace Guest WiFi with Super Secret Word (passcode) - QR Code

DMS Guest WiFi with Super Secret Word (passcode) - QR Code
Printable 2-up Poster: File:DMS Guest WiFi WPA QR-Code 2up Poster.pdf

Retired Flyers/Posters

One can find the list of Retired flyers, posters and other print media on our Retired Flyers wiki page.

Ideas for Future Flyers/Posters

Square Peg - Round Hole - Dallas Makerspace



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