PR Committee Meeting 20120814

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PR Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Nicole LeCody Paul Brown John Haskins Nick Sainz Mike Eber Sarah Scott Andrew LeCody

  • Business card re-design approved.
  • Postcards order: 100 of three different styles-75$
  • Stamp pricing was $30 dollars. Of the 60 allocated, $30 has been put back into the PR fund.
  • Talked about making committee postcards

(Action Item) Need to reach out to each committee and get some information from them for these. (Action Item) Design window banner, get quote. Possibly $200 (Action Item) Get our sign up sheets padded

  • Suggested we get Thank You cards made to send to people

Upcoming Events:

1. September 21st-23rd FenCon (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

  • DMS Table
  • Need projects to display
  • Robots?
  • 3D Printer
  • Stickers
  • Stamp
  • Sculptures and vintage cameras for display?
  • Times are Fri: noon-7:00, Sat: 10-6, Sun: 10-4
  • Window stickers for affiliates?
  • Possible video slideshow?
  • See if the committees would present something representative of their group

2. October 20th Tanners Electronics Event

  • Ask Craig about doing his robotic arm demo again
  • Cameras and prints from the darkroom
  • See about bringing the Dizzy Fling.
  • Also have committees bring something for this event too.

3. November 10th Open House Noon-12am

  • Bleach T-Shirt Demo
  • New badges for DIY soldering
  • Highlighted demos every hour
  • Raffle. Need to get idea of what to raffle
  • Black Smithing demo
  • Dev Day every hour
  • Laser Cutter Demos
  • Band saw flowers?
  • Shrinky Dinks?
  • Demo the knitting machine
  • auction possibly at open house

(Action Item: Email DPRG about moving their meeting that month for the Open House)

General PR Notes: 1. Mounted canvas for artwork in the space.

2. Hang up spin art in lounge. Possibly auction off at Open House

(Action Item: Look at stuff at the space that be hung and hang it)

3. Articles on blog:

  • Using the fellowship fund to inspire people to write for blog
  • members write blog and members get to vote on which one is the best and they get a couple months free membership.
  • Need to get the information on the Twitter Account.

4. Get involved in College Events

5. Press release to local news when we have events going on.

  • Contact local PR committees
  • Communicate calendars
  • Look into local PR committee events

6. Welcome Packet:

  • Key Fob
  • List of Committees
  • Printer map of the space
  • Window decal
  • Business cards

7. Media Packet:

  • have a basic calendar and media packet ready to go for local news stations.

Next PR Meeting on September 4th at 7 pm. Location TBA.