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THIS IS A PROPOSED PAGE and is not yet "APPROVED" but "PROPOSED" to help clarify rules around posting.

Any posting of bills, bulletins, advertisements, or other items on the walls[1] within or without Dallas Makerspace (DMS) falls under the purview of the Public Relations Committee with exceptions noted below.

Bill Posting

With the revamp of May, 2017 we have made an effort to create a more universal, less destructive method of accommodating ANY postings for DMS events so as to diminish the needs for patching, painting, and otherwise extremely time-consuming maintenance to keep our premises beautiful. With that in mind, here are some guidelines for posting ANYTHING at or about DMS.

PR Committee Approval

The PR Committee should be contacted before any postings are made, and arrangements made to ensure proper postings.

Walls Within

  • Dallas Makerspace and/or DMS Committee events may be posted "at will" within the rules below.
  • Outside or tangentially related events require prior approval from the sitting chair of Public Relations before posting, within the rules below.

Walls Without

Postings to the exterior walls of DMS are generally not allowed owing to concerns about littering, municipal sign ordinances, etc.


Committee spaces (including classrooms, which fall to the "classroom committee") may treat the walls therein as their own, and post as they see fit, without regard for these rules, though we think they are excellent guidelines for those reasons stated prior. If events being advertised involve DMS, PR Committee appreciates working in concert and full disclosure to avoid confusion.

  • Posting will be made to the provided bulletin boards with non-destructive means (pushpin, staple, etc.)
  • Postings not on the bulletin boards (when approved) will use blue tape except if the posting is allowed to use the french cleat system
  • Postings may be approved to use the french cleat hanging system, typically reserved for the likes of Art Shows, Member Competitions, etc.
  • Postings outside of DMS are generally not allowed owing to concerns about littering, etc.
    • From time to time, the PR Committee may make exceptions, on a case-by-case basis to allow for advertising events outside of our premises.
      • This may include encouraging posting event bills or posters at other locations, in which case that location's rules shall be followed. This includes such postings as signage for the location of DMS, as well as temporary events, new premises, expansions, etc.
    • Such items as event trailers, racing vehicles, etc. and their decoration will fall to their respective committees as is traditional of the DMS Committee Model.


  1. Walls in this context will include ceilings, rooves, or any other surface on which displays may be hung, projected, posted, or otherwise shown.